Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dead money adjustment made to my old figure

I made an adjustment to the dead money figures that I previously had for the Giants. I changed Greg Jones's dead money charge from $51,894 to $100,132. That's a difference on the plus side of $48,238. I was off in my latest calculations by $148,491 from the official overall team cap numbers, as per this previous post ( I'm hoping that these adjustments somehow help in allowing me to clean up my estimates from before after finding out what the actual figures are for all 32 teams.

I usually get my dead money estimate figures from the Giants' list of cap numbers for their players from (HERE).

The only other figures besides Jones's that I adjusted was Osi Umenyiora's. I changed Umenyiora's dead money charge from $932,555 to $1,000,000. That's a difference on the plus side of $67,445. I recall Osi's dead money figure to be a cool million dollars from memory when it initially happened, and it was confirmed by, as per the screen capture and link below, which is why I'm using their figure for Greg jones as well to help me in my misestimate:'s dead money total is $6,786,306 whereas the figure for the Giants' dead money total at is $6,752,082.


Here are my adjusted figures now listed below with my new dead money total of $6,867,765:

The dead money figure that I had immediately prior to this was $6,819,527. That's a difference of $48,238. I'll incorporate this new figure of $6,867,765 into my future calculations, unless I'm made aware of more accurate figures.

Practice Squad Salary correction

I mistakenly wrote on a previous post that the minimum weekly practice squad salary was $5,700 for the 2013 season. That figure is incorrect. The correct number is $6,000. Here is the source information, as per the primary source itself--Article 33 Practice Squads, Section 3 Salary:

*NOTE: Here is a link to the CBA itself in case anyone is interested

The amount spent on the practice squad is $816,000 ($6,000 per week x 17 weeks x 8 players). While this doesn't count on the cap now, it will once the Top 51 rule ceases at midnight New York time on September 5th. Incidentally, teams can actually spend more than the amount of $816,000 listed here if they choose to do so. I mistakenly calculated this amount to be $775,200 because I had the 2013 weekly practice squad salary pegged as $5,700.

The Giants added two players to their 90-man roster yesterday

They signed Undrafted Rookie Free Agent (UDFA) Chase Clement, a TE out of LSU. He was rumored to be signing with the Giants the night of the final day of the draft, but he didn't. Instead he failed the physical that he took with the Giants one day prior to the beginning of their 3-day rookie camp, which took place between May 11th an May 13th. His cap number and salary will be the absolute minimum for players in the NFL: $405,000.

The other player that they signed was 26-year old veteran LB Kyle Bosworth, acquired by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010 as an UDFA out of UCLA (read more about him HERE from He is the nephew of 1980s draft bust Brian Bosworth, a.k.a. "The Boz". Kyle played with Jacksonville last year. Reagan babies like myself remember his uncle getting run right past by Bo Jackson on Monday Night Football.

He has either 2 accrued years or 3 (I'm not sure which because of his status on IR in 2010). If he has only 2 accrued seasons, then he'd have a cap hit of $555,000. If he has 3 accrued seasons, then his cap hit would be $630,000. My guess is he has 3 accrued seasons. If that is the case, then he would count against the Giants' salary cap since his cap number would fall into their top 51 list of cap numbers, whereas the cap hits of $555,000 and Clement's $405,000 cap number wouldn't.

Check out an article on the signing of these two players below by Dave Hutchinson from the Newark Star Ledger:


Bosworth is a guy who hasn't made his bones as a starter in this NFL. His calling card is his Special Teams play, as per this article by Ed Valentine from

This is worth keeping an eye on simply because a player's ability on Special Teams vs that of a player without much to offer on Specials (like the recently re-signed Ramses Barden) may very well be the difference between making the final 53-man roster, and getting cut.

To make room for these two players, the Giants cut UDFAs Morgan Newton (signed about 2 weeks ago) and John Stevenson. Newton was a college QB out of Kentucky who was going to play TE on the pro level. It makes sense that the Giants would prefer an actual blocking TE with collegiate experience in Clement over Newton. Stevenson was a college LB out of Georgia Southern who was going to play S on the pro level, a position that the team is well stocked in. The Giants could have simply used more numbers at the LB position.

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