Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2013 season Salary Cap/Carryover update for all NFL teams as of Jan. 29, 2014

Here are the figures for all 32 teams in the league for the 2013 season, as per the NFLPA's League-wide public Cap Report website (these are not the 2014 season salary cap projections). The Giants finished the 2013 season with $17,447 in available cap space---dead last in the NFL. This amount will be carried over into the Giants' 2014 adjusted salary cap.

These figures didn't change at all from the last update I made ten days ago (click HERE to read it), unlike the previous post where 24 of the 32 teams had changes in their respective cap numbers to end the 2013 season. I'll post it anyway though, just for the sake of reference and in an effort to point out that the numbers that we're seeing now are starting to solidify, which means that I'll only do one or two more of these after I see for sure that the numbers cease to fluctuate, before going on to the 2014 figures, which will only be estimates of course.

Starting at 4 pm EST, on March 11th, the Top 51 Salary Cap Accounting Rule will be in effect, coinciding with the official start of the 2014 NFL league year. This will be in effect until the day before the first regular season game, which is typically on Thursday night in the first week of September. What does the Top 51 Rule being in effect mean? It means that the League-wide League Cap Report website will no longer use the 2013 cap figures from March 11th onward, but will instead use the 2014 figures (if they update correctly that is, which is a whole other story). For now though, I'll just continue to update the final figures for 2013 a couple of more times after this post.

The Super Bowl participants, Denver and Seattle, finished the season with the 11th and 15th most amount of leftover cap space in the league for the 2013 season. Their cap numbers are as follows:

  • DENVER: 11th most leftover cap space in the NFL - $6,456,880
  • SEATTLE: 15th most leftover cap space in the NFL - $2,845,003

As per Joel Corry, postseason games do not have any effect on a team's cap leftover cap space. I tweeted Joel Corry, asking him this question, and he responded that they did not. This is something that I was unsure of before, but know about now thanks to Joel. Try tweeting him (@corryjoel) or e-mailing him ( with any of your salary cap questions. He'll be happy to answer your questions, and is a big favorite of mine when it comes to salary cap knowledge. Without further ado, here are the cap figures for all 32 teams in the NFL for the 2013 season:

In order of most cap space to least cap space:


Alphabetical Order:

On a sidenote, players on the winning team of the Super Bowl this season will receive $92,000. Those on the losing team this season will receive $46,000. Next season, the winners will receive $97,000 while the losers will receive $49,000, as per Article 37 (Postseason Pay), Section 2 (Compensation) of the CBA:

Also as per Article 38 (Pro Bowl Game), Section 1 (Compensation) of the CBA, players in this past Sunday's Pro Bowl, which was played only 3 days ago, earned $26,000 to play in the game if they lost (Team Sanders), and $53,000 in the game if they were on the winning side (Team Rice):