Thursday, June 27, 2013

List of Giants' cap numbers for all players on the 90-man roster as of today

Here they are:


Here is how I got the math done to arrive at the Giants' current cap number of $3,308,682:


Now, here are the cap numbers for the rest of the team that DO NOT currently count against the Giants' salary cap since we're in the Top 51 Rule phase of salary cap calculations. This expires on Thursday, September 5th at midnight EST. after that teams will have to account for the Practice Squads and the 52nd and 53rd men on the 53 man roster, to go along with any players who are on the PUP List or Injured Reserve. Here goes:

PLEASE NOTE: Once Justin Pugh (1st round OT/OG out of Syracuse) and Ryan Nassib (4th round QB also out of Syracuse)--the Giants' only remaining unsigned draft picks sign with the team, their estimated expected cap numbers will be $1,517,436 for the former, and $519,114 for the latter as per 2013 NFL Draft Rookie Contract and Salary Cap Estimates -

Only Pugh's contract will  count against the team's cap while the Top 51 Rule is still in effect. Once it ceases though, Nassib's will count on the cap too since he's virtually guaranteed of making the team, unless something crazy happens. Keep in mind that players who wind up on IR still count on a team's salary cap (this is where salary splits come into play for certain players).

Right now, Nassib and Pugh only count the league minimum of $405,000 (which doesn't qualify them to coutn against the cap yet since they're not on the team's list of their top 51 cap numbers), even though they haven't signed yet. Once they do sign, their cap numbers will change as explained above.

On a side note, CB Antonio Dennard is on the Reserve/Injured List. This explains why the Giants have 91 players listed on the Current Contracts column for the League's Top 51 Cap Report that I frequently refer to and cite here. The Giants are not the only team with more than 90 current contracts. There are eleven other clubs with such an issue (four teams with 92, and seven with 91). The Redskins, Cowboys, Seahawks, and Cardinals all have 92. The seven clubs with 91 current contracts, other than than the Giants, are the Falcons, Panthers, Lions, Colts, Steelers, 49ers, & Rams.