Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 season Salary Cap update for all NFL teams as of Jan. 4, 2014

Here is the latest update for the 2013 season for all 32 teams (figures courtesy of the NFLPA's public League Cap Report website). As can be seen here, and as I wrote about in my previous post (HERE), the Giants finished dead last in the entire league with respect to cap space, with only $24,947 left in available cap room.

The 20 non-playoff teams like the Giants gave up the ghost for the 2013 season last Sunday, so they no longer have anything to worry about from an in-season cap perspective; however, the remaining teams competing in the post-season still do.

The 12 playoff teams rank as follows compared to each other with respect to available cap space rankings in order of most available cap space to least available cap space. They range from 5th most available cap space in the entire NFL (Philadelphia with $17,179,142) to 30th most available cap space on the league (Indianapolis with $632,910):

  1. Philadelphia - 5th most available cap space - $17,179,142
  2. Carolina - 6th most available cap space - $11,637,268
  3. Green Bay - 7th most available cap space - $9,863,883
  4. Cincinnati - 8th most available cap space - $8,181,604
  5. Denver - 11th most available cap space - $6,609,821
  6. New England - 13th most available cap space - $4,089,488
  7. Seattle - 15th most available cap space - $2,963,336
  8. Kansas City - 17th most available cap space - $2,457,691
  9. San Diego - 18th most available cap space - $2,349,416
  10. San Francisco - 19th most available cap space - $2,232,538
  11. New Orleans - 29th most available cap space - $633,292
  12. Indianapolis - 30th most available cap space - $632,910

None of these teams will have any problems getting through the post-season---even New Orleans & Indianapolis who rank 29th & 30th respectively. The Saints & colts bring up the rear on this group of playoff teams: The Saints have $633,292 in available cap space, while the Colts have $632,910 left they can spend this season. Both teams are more than fine with respect to getting through the maximum possible 4 games they can play. The only teams who would have problems getting through the post-season form the list I'm about to provide would be the Rams and Giants. Of course, neither of those two teams have to worry about that.

I'll double check, but unless I'm mistaken, the carryover amounts for the 20 non-playoff teams going into 2014 will be taken from the figures below. Without further ado, here they are (listed in order of most cap space to least cap space and then in alphabetical order for the sake of easier reference). I'll list the cap numbers for all 32 clubs again in another 2 weeks, when the Conference Title games will be played, & another 8 teams will have been eliminated from the playoffs. Now, have a look at the figures below:

In order of most cap space to least cap space:


Alphabetical Order:

Giants finish 2013 season with only $24,947 in available cap space

The Giants made their final three roster moves of the 2013 season on Christmas day, when they placed Safety Cooper Taylor on season-ending Injured Reserve for the last game (a split in his salary kicked in as a result, netting the Giants an additional $6,882.35 in cap room to work with), promoted OG Eric Herman from their Practice Squad to the 53-man roster, & signed CB Travis Howard to their Practice Squad. As a result, the Giants went from having $41,888 in available cap space, as per the NFLPA's public League Cap Report website, to having $24,947 in remaining available cap space---dead last in the entire league (assuming the 12 playoff teams don't suffer through more injuries than is humanly possible in the next few weeks during the playoffs). Check out how I arrived at this figure below:

Now, the NFLPA doesn't always update their database as quickly a they should. These transactions took place late in the afternoon/early evening on Wednesday, December 25th. The next day was a work day for the NFL, so these figures should have been updated then by the NFLPA. They weren't actually uploaded into the NFLPA's database until yesterday---9 days after they should have been. The fact that this figure wasn't updated by the NFLPA the next day, as one would expect, is not indicative of the fact that the 3 aforementioned transactions didn't take place. All it means is that their database wasn't updated, as was frequently the case throughout the summer and at points during the regular season not counting weekends and the evenings (the NFL workday is Monday through Friday from 8 am ET - 4 pm ET).

Now, as I've been pointing out all season long, ever since Jason Fitzgerald did so on his website (, the real and constantly updated Salary Cap figures are maintained by the NFL Management council. They hardly ever see the light of day, except in only a few instances (like this one). As far as the Giants' cap numbers are concerned, I've listed them in my previous post from 4 days ago on New Year's Eve titled "Final Cap numbers for all players on the Giants in 2013 (including Dead Money)".

The NFLPA's public League Cap Report website corresponds to mine with respect the Giants having 74 players whose current contracts count towards the 2013 salary cap, not counting Dead Money considerations. They carried over exactly $1,000,000 from 2012 into 2013, ranking them 26th out of 32 teams in this category, as I write about previously (click HERE to read about it). The Giants' remaining cap room amount of $24,947 this year at the end of the season ranks them 32nd out of 32 teams in the NFL. According to the NFLPA's public records, the Giants spent $124,066,337 in cap dollars in the 2013 season, which was $24,947 short of their adjusted cap threshold. I was $612,674 short of this amount since I had them pegged as having spent $123,453,663 in cap dollars in the 2013 season.

These figures are estimates, but not to toot my own horn--which I'll do anyway--but I was very accurate with my estimated figures, 99.51% to be exact. Where I came up a little short was most likely due to missed workout bonuses, as pointed out to me by a source. In any case, these numbers were pretty damned close. Kudos to Jason Fitzgerald and's 2013 Giants team salary cap page for the assist in keeping track of all this information, without which this blog would seriously suffer.