Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Here are the Cap numbers for each player on the Giants as of today

First, here are the Cap numbers for the players on the 53-man roster:

*Note: The 7 players highlighted in bold below are rookies (Charles James is an UDFA).


Second, here are the cap numbers for the 8 players on Injured Reserve:

*Note #1: All of these players count fully against the Salary Cap, just as those on the 53-man roster do.

*Note #2:  The Giants are going to have to make room for the return of Andre Brown to the 53-man roster when he is eligible to return after the bye week against the Raiders in week 10.


Third, is the PUP List. The Giants have only one player in this category:

Note #1: Players on the PUP List count fully on the cap, but sometimes have salary splits in their contracts saving the team cap space, as in Kuhn's case.

*Note #2: Since Kuhn has a split in his salary that goes into effect if he's not on the 53-man roster, his cap number is lower. Kuhn's cap number was going to be $491,474 if he made the 53-man roster. It has decreased $62,471 since he has not done so, giving the Giants that amount in cap savings.

*Note #3:  Kuhn is eligible to return between weeks 7 and 13 to the 53-man roster. The Giants are going to have to either make room for his return to the 53-man roster by making a roster move with another player or placing Kuhn on Season Ending Injured Reserve.


Fourth, is the 8-man Practice Squad:

*Note #1:  All players on the Practice Squad count fully against the Salary Cap.

*Note #2:  The minimum rate for the Practice Squad is $6,000 per week, over the course of 17 weeks (the bye week counts as a pay week in the NFL).

*Note #3:  There is currently a vacancy on the Giants' Practice Squad since they released RB Jeremy Wright yesterday. As a result, only 7 players are on the books now.

  • The Giants have no players on the Reserve/Suspended List.
  • Safety Will Hill was on this list for the first 4 weeks of the regular season.
  • Players on this list only count partially against the salary cap.
  • Hill's cap number reflects the first four weeks of salary not being paid (which is the same as his cap number in this case).
  • There is another List that the Giants have a player stashed under, that is the Reserve/Retired List.
  • Players on this list do not count against the cap at all.
  • The sole player that the Giants have under this category is Fullback Ryan D'Imperio who retired after a few weeks of training camp.
  • Teams merely place them on this list to retain their rights, just as the Giants did for TE Ben Patrick who suddenly retired during training camp in 2011, as well as in the case of Tiki Barber after he retired in the 2006 season.
  • The Giants had Barber on this list until 2011 when Barber attempted a comeback; he then asked the Giants to release him from this list. They did so, and Barber was then free to seek employment elsewhere in the league (which he subsequently was unable to find after being out of the league for almost 5 years).
  • The remaining Dead Money total is $8,180,510.
  • Click on the following link for Dead Money details, as well those for all other players on this list, courtesy of