Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2013 season Salary Cap/Carryover update for all NFL teams as of Jan. 29, 2014

Here are the figures for all 32 teams in the league for the 2013 season, as per the NFLPA's League-wide public Cap Report website (these are not the 2014 season salary cap projections). The Giants finished the 2013 season with $17,447 in available cap space---dead last in the NFL. This amount will be carried over into the Giants' 2014 adjusted salary cap.

These figures didn't change at all from the last update I made ten days ago (click HERE to read it), unlike the previous post where 24 of the 32 teams had changes in their respective cap numbers to end the 2013 season. I'll post it anyway though, just for the sake of reference and in an effort to point out that the numbers that we're seeing now are starting to solidify, which means that I'll only do one or two more of these after I see for sure that the numbers cease to fluctuate, before going on to the 2014 figures, which will only be estimates of course.

Starting at 4 pm EST, on March 11th, the Top 51 Salary Cap Accounting Rule will be in effect, coinciding with the official start of the 2014 NFL league year. This will be in effect until the day before the first regular season game, which is typically on Thursday night in the first week of September. What does the Top 51 Rule being in effect mean? It means that the League-wide League Cap Report website will no longer use the 2013 cap figures from March 11th onward, but will instead use the 2014 figures (if they update correctly that is, which is a whole other story). For now though, I'll just continue to update the final figures for 2013 a couple of more times after this post.

The Super Bowl participants, Denver and Seattle, finished the season with the 11th and 15th most amount of leftover cap space in the league for the 2013 season. Their cap numbers are as follows:

  • DENVER: 11th most leftover cap space in the NFL - $6,456,880
  • SEATTLE: 15th most leftover cap space in the NFL - $2,845,003

As per Joel Corry, postseason games do not have any effect on a team's cap leftover cap space. I tweeted Joel Corry, asking him this question, and he responded that they did not. This is something that I was unsure of before, but know about now thanks to Joel. Try tweeting him (@corryjoel) or e-mailing him ( with any of your salary cap questions. He'll be happy to answer your questions, and is a big favorite of mine when it comes to salary cap knowledge. Without further ado, here are the cap figures for all 32 teams in the NFL for the 2013 season:

In order of most cap space to least cap space:


Alphabetical Order:

On a sidenote, players on the winning team of the Super Bowl this season will receive $92,000. Those on the losing team this season will receive $46,000. Next season, the winners will receive $97,000 while the losers will receive $49,000, as per Article 37 (Postseason Pay), Section 2 (Compensation) of the CBA:

Also as per Article 38 (Pro Bowl Game), Section 1 (Compensation) of the CBA, players in this past Sunday's Pro Bowl, which was played only 3 days ago, earned $26,000 to play in the game if they lost (Team Sanders), and $53,000 in the game if they were on the winning side (Team Rice):

Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Cap numbers & Salaries for all 53 players presently under contract to the Giants

Here are the updated cap numbers & salaries for all 53 players under contract to the Giants at the moment, as per's 2014 Giants Team Salary Cap page:


I. Jacquian Williams's & JPP's 2014 cash & cap numbers went up after they earned escalators on their contracts for next season. Williams earned a $744,000 cash & cap raise due to proven performance escalators given to players drafted in 2011 who played in at least 35% of the snaps for two years between 2011 and 2013.

II. JPP earned a $1,050,000 cash & cap raise as per Jason Fitzgerlad of As per Joel Corry's tweet, JPP's escalator was based on playing time, sacks, and Pro Bowls in previous years.

III. However, Chris Snee's 2014 contract de-escalated. This lowered his base salary $450K. It was $7.2M before the de-escalator was triggered, and then went down to $$6.75M afterwards. If Snee retires, or is cut---either of which is likely---his cap savings have decreased as a result too. They went from being $7.25M to $6.8M, reflecting the $450K decrease in base salary.

IV. Cap Numbers & Salaries shaded in gray for the same player are the same:
  • 23 of the 53 players under contract to the Giants for 2014 at this point fit into this category.

V.14 of the 53 players under contract are RESERVE/FUTURES signings. They are as follows:
  1. Spencer Adkins
  2. Troy Kropog
  3. Daniel Fells
  4. Preston Parker
  5. Kendrick Adams
  6. Steven Baker
  7. Kendall Gaskins
  8. Jordan Gay
  9. Marcus Harris
  10. Travis Howard
  11. Brandon McManus
  12. Junior Mertile
  13. Chaz Powell
  14. Ross Weaver

RED = likely to be cut
YELLOW = likely to be extended
ORANGE = voidable year
LIGHT PURPLE = strong post June 1st cut possibility

As can be seen above, the Top 51 Cap numbers as of today total out out to $116,718,676. The cash salaries add up to $86,176,597. The total for the Top 51 Active Cap numbers for the Giants in 2014 ($116,718,676) is added to the 2014 Dead Money total of $389,298 so far to come up with the up-to-date Cap spending total for 2014 of $117,107,974. The reason this is calculated this way is in anticipation of the Top 51 accounting rules taking effect on the first day of Free Agency and the new league year on March 11th at 4 pm EST.

Listed below are the cap & cash totals for players 52 & 53 on the Giants roster who won't count against the cap once Free Agency starts on March 11th at 4pm EST (I listed players who have a cap number of $420,000 in alphabetical order by last name, so the names aren't what's important, rather it's the cap number itself that is):

  • The overall cap number total for all 53 players signed by the Giants now in 2014 comes out to $117,558,676.
  • The cash total for all 53 players comes out to $86,176,597.
  • Keep in mind that the Giants' projected unadjusted salary cap will be just about $126,300,000 + their carryover amount of leftover cap space from 2013 ($17,447).
    • This comes out to $126,317,447.
    • Subtract $117,107,974 from the unadjusted amount of $126,317,447 and you'll get $9,209,473 in projected available cap space.
    • This figure will change of course, and are likely to do so a few days after the Super Bowl, since it is the day after the Super Bowl (Feb. 3rd), when teams can begin to release players off of their rosters to gain cap space for 2014---this is only 10 days from now, so that magic date is rapidly approaching. Last year, the Giants released 3 players only 2 & 3 days after the Super Bowl: Michael Boley first, and then Ahmad Bradshaw & Chris Canty. Chris Snee is a guy who fits into this category this year. Even if he retires (the Giants will probably fail him in his physical based on the end-of-year physical that he took), the effect will be the same with respect to the cap. The Giants would stand to gain $6.8 million in cap savings from the release/retirement of Snee in 2014.
    • Voidable contracts, like that of TE Brandon Myers & CB Corey Webster are going to tack on another $4.25 million in additional cap savings to the Giants' available spending total---$3.25 million for Myers, & $1 million for Webster---bringing it to $20,259,473.
    • Add another likely $1.7 million to this total since the unadjusted salary cap will probably go up from $126.3 million in 2014 to $128 million. This would bring our estimated total amount of cap room to $21,959,473.
    • Add to this total of $21,959,473 to any additional cap savings that result from the possible extensions of QB Eli Manning & S Antrel Rolle, and you could potentially gain roughly another $10 million in cap savings from both put together, bringing you available total to roughly $32 million. Subtract from this other future expenditures that extend out to the end of training camp and the start of the regular season, and the Giants will have roughly $25 million to spend in Free Agency this off-season, give or take a couple of million..
      • This total includes possible Restricted Free Agent tenders (about $4 to $5 million), the draft pool (roughly $2 million), and the likely post-June 1st cut of Center David Baas (resulting in $5 million in cap savings that get added on to the books on June 2nd; this will help the Giants sign their draft picks who fit into the Top 51 rule and help them take care of any cushion needed to enter the regular season with after accounting for training camp expenses like Injury Settlements and then Injured Reserve, Practice Squad, and 53-man roster expenditures that start counting a few days before the start of the regular season once the Top 51 accounting Rules cease).
      • Mathias Kiwanuka is also a possibility to be a post-June 1st cut, or receive a pay cut a la David Diehl and Corey Webster last year, especially if UFA DE Justin Tuck re-signs with the Giants at their price. Kiwanuka's 2014 cap number must go down from it's currently scheduled $7,050,000 figure (the 7th highest on the team) either way. This price tag is unacceptable for a 4th DE who doesn't even contribute greatly on Special Teams. Something must change in this regard.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 season Salary Cap/Carryover update for all NFL teams as of Jan. 19, 2014

Here are the figures for all 32 teams in the league for the 2013 season (NOT the 2014 season projections), as per the NFLPA's Leaguewide public Cap Report website. Notice that the Giants went down from the figure of $24,947 that I wrote about previously 15 days ago in this post to having $17,447 in available cap space---still dead last in the NFL---to end the 2013 season that will carryover into the Giants' 2014 adjusted salary cap.

The previous figure of $24,947 decreased $7,500 to being $17,447. I've been keeping track of the daily fluctuations from this website with respect to the Giants' available in-season cap room for most of the season. I saw that this figure of $17,447 was first listed in the NFLPA database on Monday, January 6th. I'm not sure what accounted for this decrease in $7,500 other than it possibly being some bonus money or Practice Squad cap costs that weren't previously updated. I can't say for certain, and would prefer to ask someone in the know (Joel Correy and Jason Fitzgerald would be guys who could probably explain this).

The Giants weren't the only team whose cap number decreased after the last regular season games of the 2013 season were played on December 29th. Including the Giants, 24 teams' available cap numbers/carryover figures have fluctuated since I last updated this information 15 days ago (click HERE to compare).

16 of teams have cap numbers that went down slightly, as in the case of the Giants:
  • BUF (ranked #3)
  • PHI (ranked #5)
  • CAR (ranked #6)
  • GB (ranked #7)
  • DEN (ranked #11)
  • NE (ranked #13)
  • SEA (ranked #15)
  • OAK (ranked #17)
  • SD (ranked #18)
  • SF (ranked #19)
  • NY Jets (ranked #22)
  • WASH (ranked #23)
  • MIN (ranked #27)
  • NO (ranked #29)
  • IND (ranked #30)
  • NYG (ranked #32; last in the NFL)

8 clubs have available cap numbers that went up slightly in that time span:
  • MIA (ranked #4)
  • CIN (ranked #8)
  • AZ (ranked #12)
  • KC (ranked #16)
  • BAL (ranked #20)
  • DET (ranked #21)
  • DAL (ranked #25)
  • STL (ranked #31)

2 clubs moved down a spot:
  • OAK was ranked 16th 15 days ago, & are ranked 17th today (flip-flopping with KC).
  • NY Jets were ranked 21st 15 days ago, & are ranked 22nd today (flip-flopping with DET).

2 clubs moved up a spot:
  • KC was ranked 17th 15 days ago, & are ranked 16th today (flip-flopping with OAK).
  • DET was ranked 2nd 15 days ago, & are ranked 21st today (flip-flopping with the NY Jets).

The 4 remaining playoff teams rank as follows compared to each other with respect to available cap space rankings in order of most available cap space to least available cap space. They range from 11th most available cap space in the entire NFL (Denver with $6,456,880) to 19th most available cap space in the league (San Francisco with $2,175,038):

  1. DENVER: #11 - $6,456,880   ......(down from $6,609,821 fifteen days ago)
  2. NEW ENGLAND: #13 - $4,024,801   .....(down from $4,089,488 fifteen days ago)
  3. SEATTLE: #15 - $2,845,003   .....(down from 2,963,336 fifteen days ago)
  4. SAN FRANCISCO: #19 - $2,175,038   .....(down from $2,232,538 fifteen days ago)

None of these final 4 remaining clubs will not have any issues getting through the last two games (today, and potentially the Super Bowl for the winners of today's Conference Championship games). Post-season play falls under the umbrella of benefits in the CBA---see Article 37 on Postseason Play. Joel Corry wrote an excellent article dated from January 3rd (16 days ago) about how the pay system in the NFL post-season works titled: "Agent's Take: A guide to NFL postseason pay."

I'll update these figures again in about another 10 to 14 days, and then probably one more time after that to see how they've changed before we move on completely to the projected 2014 figures for the Giants and all the other teams in the NFL. Check out this article by Jason Fitzgerald from that touches on the topic of cap space availability for the 2014 off-season & free agency (Free Agency starts in less than 2 months on March 11th):
I'll have to double check, but unless I'm mistaken, the carryover amounts for 28 of the teams below (save for the 4 clubs playing today) going into 2014 will be taken from the following figures. They are listed below in order of most cap space to least cap space and then in alphabetical order, for the sake of easier reference. As I wrote above, I'll list the cap numbers for all 32 clubs in approximately another 10 days to 2 weeks, after the Pro Bowl next Sunday, and the upcoming Super Bowl after the losers of today's Conference Championship games have been eliminated from the playoffs. Now, have a look at the figures below:

In order of most cap space to least cap space:


Alphabetical Order:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Here are the cap numbers for the 53 players who are under contract to the Giants in 2014

So far, the Giants have 53 players under contract in 2014 (click HERE to see the figures for all the other teams in the NFL). The Top 51 Rule will take effect on March 11th (the same day that Restricted Free Agent tenders are due, when Free Agency starts, and the new league year begins). I'm going to list the cap numbers for all players currently under contract, and then note the Top 51 figures, even though the Top 51 rule is not yet in effect. Here are the Top 51 cap figures on the Giants so far in 2014 (players with the same cap number are listed in alphabetical order by last name).

These figures are as from's Giants 2014 team salary cap page:

  • 23 of these 53 players have cap numbers that are equivalent to their salaries.
  • 14 of these 53 players are Futures signings.
    • These futures signings are as follows:
      • Spencer Adkins & Troy Kropog - cap number of $645K for both.
      • Daniel Fells & Presto Parker - cap number of $570K for both.
      • Kendrick Adams, Steven Baker, Kendall Gaskins, Jordan Gay, Marcus Harris, Travis Howard, Brandon McManus, Junior Mertile, Chaz Powell, & Ross Weaver - cap number of $420K for all ten of these players.

Here are the cap cap totals for players 52 to 53:

Here is the Dead money total (so far) for 2014:

The cap total for the Giants' Top 51 cap figures for 2014 is $115,374,676. Their Dead Money total for 2014, as listed above, is $389,298. That's a total of $115,763,974.

If the Top 51 rule wasn't going to be in effect come the start of Free Agency on March 11th, then the total for the Top 53 cap numbers would be taken into effect instead (that comes out to $116,214,676).

The Giants' adjusted 2014 salary cap would include the following five factors (I wrote about them HERE as well in more depth last June):

  1. Carryover money from 2013 (right now, the NFLPA's free League Cap Report website lists this amount to be $17,447---lowest in the NFL in 2013).
  2. Cap Grievances
  3. Cap Penalties
  4. NLTBE (Not Likely To Be Earned) bonuses
  5. LTBE (Likely To Be Earned) bonuses

    • click HERE to read about how NLTBE & LTBE bonuses work

I can roughly say at this point that taking these factors into account, along with the expected $126.3 million dollar unadjusted cap for each club, that the Giants' adjusted cap in 2014 will be just about $126,317,447 for the purpose of this post based on these figures. NLTBE and LTBE bonus figures have yet to be factored into the equation, but for now, I'll keep this simple. Subtract the total of $115,763,974 from $126,317,447 & you get $10,553,473 in free cap space.

Other variables will factor into this total of course. This includes the unadjusted cap possibly going up another $1.7 million from $126.3 million to $128 million. that would bring up the Giants' estimated total of available cap space to $12,253,473. The voiding of the contracts of Brandon Myers (cap savings of $3.25 M), and Corey Webster (cap savings of $1 M) will ad another $4,250,000 in cap savings to the total mentioned above, making it $16,503,473. Add in the $7.25 M in cap savings for cutting Snee---it would be the same if he retired---to this, and the total goes up again to $23,753,473.

After that you factor in the likely extensions for Eli and Rolle, and you get roughly another $10 million in cap space to work with, and add on to the estimated total above, raising it to roughly $33,753,473. Subtract from this the tender amounts for Restricted Free Agents (say about $5 M), and this total goes down to about $28,753,473. There will be other factors as well, such as the possible post-June 1st cut (likely in my estimation) for David Baas. That would net the Giants another $5 M in cap room off of their books in June 2nd. This freed up cap space would help the giants to sign their 2014 draft class, and have money saved up for regular season cap expenditures for 2014. I'll outline this in further detail in an upcoming post, but roughly put, the Giants will have about $25 million in available space to spend in Free Agency in 2 months.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Primer for important dates to keep in mind leading up to the start of Free Agency

Here are some significant dates to keep note of as we head towards the start of Free Agency and the new league year exactly two months from today:

Source: "2013-2014 NFL Calendar: All the Dates You Need To Know" (by Tim @battleredblog) via NFL Communications

The dates that stand out since the end of the season are December 30th and February 3rd (the day after the Super Bowl). The players who were drafted by the Giants in 2011 that are still on the team who they can now extend or renegotiate are as follows:

  1. 1st Round - Prince Amukamara (CB)
  2. 3rd Round - Jerrel Jernigan (WR)
  3. 4th round - James Brewer (OT)
  4. 6th round - Jacquian Williams (OLB)

These 4 players are the only ones left still on the roster out of the 8 who were picked in that year's draft (click HERE to see who all 8 picks were). Da'Rel Scott technically finished the season on Injured Reserve for the Giants, but he is not under contract in 2014 for the Giants since he was cut earlier in the year, and then re-signed after clearing waivers. He won't even be a Restricted Free Agent (RFA).

The Giants have 7 RFAs going into the off-season. Three of them are listed above in Jernigan, Brewer, and Williams. The other 4 are as follows (they were all signed as Undrafted Rookies in 2011):
  • Henry Hynoski (FB)
  • Mark Herzlich (LB)
  • Spencer Paysinger (OLB)
  • Jim Cordle (C)

The importance of December 30th besides the avenue of being able to extend players drafted in the 2011 Draft now being open to team (the Giants have 4 left as indicated above) is that restructures and extensions to other players already under contract could also be made. The Bears have been very busy in that regard with the Tim Jennings, Robbie Gould, and Jay Cutler signings/extensions. It wouldn't be surprising to see the Giants do something similar with Eli Manning and/or Antrel Rolle after the straighten out their issues with the coaching staff anf front office.

Teams were also allowed to begin to sign players to deals for 2014 season on December 30th. What typically happens is Reserve/Futures signings begin to be made the day after the regular season for non-playoff teams like the Giants. Right now, the Giants have 52 players under contract. They had 39 as of the end of the regular season on the evening of December 29th. They have signed 13 players to Futures deals since then, raising the amount of players they have under contract to them in 2014 to 52. The Giants began this process on the day after the season ended, on December 30th, when they signed all 8 players who ended the regular season on their Practice Squad to to Reserve/Futures deals in 2014. Those 8 players are:
  • Kendrick Adams (DE)
  • Steven Baker (OL)
  • Kendall Gaskins (RB)
  • Marcus Harris (WR)
  • Travis Howard (CB)
  • Junior Mertile (CB)
  • Chaz Powell (FS)
  • Ross Weaver (CB)

All 8 of these players have cap numbers (and salaries) that are equivalent to the absolute league minimum in 2014 (this is due to them not having earned an accrued season yet towards Free Agency in their respective careers). That figure is $420,000. Here are the other league minimum figures for 2014 that correspond to accrued seasons:

Four of the other five players who the Giants signed to Futures deals a few days ago, on January 7th (the Brandon McManus signing was first reported on Monday, January 6th), are as follows (click HERE to read an article about them from, and HERE to read about what Ed Valentine wrote about them on
  • Spencer Adkins (LB) - 2014 cap number & salary of $645,000 (3 accrued seasons)
  • Troy Kropog (OL) - 2014 cap number & salary of $645,000  (3 accrued seasons)
  • Daniel Fells (TE) - 2014 cap number of $570,000 & salary of $730,000  (4 accrued seasons; Minimum Salary Benefit contract)
  • Preston Parker (WR) - 2014 cap number & salary of $570,000  (2 accrued seasons
  • Brandon McManus (K/P) - 2014 cap number & salary of $420,000  (no accrued seasons)
    • Note: all salaries are courtesy of the NFLPA's record of active salaries per team for the 2014 season, with the corresponding cap number being reflective of the amount of accrued seasons
    • So far none of these Futures signings have been reported to include signing bonuses of any kind, hence these bare bones cap figures for each of them.

For a full list of the cap numbers for all 52 of the players who are under contract to the Giants in 2014, along with their cap numbers, please click on the link below compiled by Jason Fitzgerald from

February 3rd is the first day teams can cut players to make room under the cap for 2014, so don't expect Chris Snee---someone who is expected be cut (or retire)---go until at least then. Last year, the Giants cut Michael Boley, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Chris Canty only a few days after Super Bowl 47. They cut Michael Boley 2 days after the Super Bowl last year on February 5th (click HERE to read about it). They cut Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Canty the following day---3 days after the Super Bowl last year on February 6th (click HERE to read about it). Look for the Snee situation to get resolved very shortly after this year's Super Bowl on February 2nd, especially since the Giants will be needing the $7.25 M in cap savings that they'd get from cutting Snee.

February 17th is the first day clubs can designate franchise and transition tag players for 2014. March 3rd is the last day that teams can designate Franchise or Transition players. Hakeem Nicks was a candidate for this before, and in fact may still be, but it looks a lot less likely that that will be the case now after taking into account how this past season went with the Giants. I wrote about an option that the Giants had with regard to trading a franchised player, if they actually did franchise Nicks almost three months ago. Click below to read it:
February 19th-25th is when the Indianapolis Combines will take place (along with rampant tampering---continue reading below to see what I mean).

Keep in mind that an announcement regarding the cap possibly going up from $126.3 million, as reported b Joel Corry HERE, to $128 million could also be made before the start of Free Agency by late February or early March (Joel Corry wrote about that HERE as well).

Clubs can officially begin to contact the agents of players who are scheduled to be Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs) starting on March 8th. This is farcical in many ways. Teams used to make signings literally minutes after the start of Free Agency, so in order to combat this perception of rampant tampering--which was actually reality, and still is the case by the way--the NFL has officially allowed teams to begin contacting players a few days prior to the start of free agency. This way it looks less suspect. The fact of the matter is this: teams are constantly in contact with player agents, wither trough 3rd parties or via back channels. The week of the Indianapolis Combine is famous for team officials and player agents walking down the street and talking shop all week in Indianapolis. Check this article detailing the matter from February of 2008 by Pat Yasinskas: If everyone's doing it, free-agent tampering is OK: The scouting combine allows teams to get a head start on free agency, even though the practice is technically against the rules, writes Pat Yasinskas.

March 11th at 4 pm EST is significant with respect to Restricted Free Agency tenders as well (RFAs). That's when the Giants will have to make decisions regarding their own 7 RFAs that I wrote about above. Here are last year's tender rates (expect this year's to be a little higher for each):

This information was tweeted by Albert Breer last year just a few days short of today's date (4 to be exact). The odds are that the same information for this upcoming 2014 season will be made available at around the same time this year, which is only a few days away.

The Top 51 Rule salary cap accounting rule will also begin to take effect at 4 pm EST on March 11th as well. I'm going to list the cap numbers for Giants players under contract for 2014 in my future posts as if the Top 51 Rule is already in effect, so hopefully that will make things easier for people to understand beforehand. Right now, as indicated above, the Giants have 52 players under contract in 2014  (this will continue to go up before March 11th since more Futures signings will inevitably made, along with RFA tenders being announced as well). Free Agency will begin with a bang at 4 pm EST as well on March 11th, with the first week including lots of dollars being thrown at players who may or may not deserve them. After that though, the market will begin to come back down to earth, with wise teams taking advantage of the buyer's market at that point.

It will be interesting to see what happens, but based on previous history, I'd expect to see the giants target someone, and sign them right near the atart of FA that they deem to be an essential signing at a position of need (the OL would be a logical place to start). Off the top of my head, a player like Kansas City's UFA RG Jon Asamoah would seem like the kind of player they would go after. OTs are more expensive than OGs are, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Giants make a quick signing right at the start of FA with a player like Asamoah, and then letting the market settle down and come back to them, before they make any other signings.