Thursday, August 22, 2013

Updated Giants 90-man roster with corresponding 2013 cap number for each player (latest 53-man roster prediction coming up tomorrow)

Let me start off by stating that I intended to post my latest 53-man roster prediction today (my 5th to be exact), but I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I'll save that for tomorrow. My sixth and final last prediction will be one week from tomorrow.

Here is the latest 90-man roster for the Giants with the corresponding cap number for each player. There are a few additions since the I last posted this (Ben Guidugli, Austin Holtz, Marcus Harris, & Terrell Sinkfield). There are also a few deletions as well (Jeremy Horne, Kris Adams, Chris DeGeare, & Keith Carlos). These are the Top 51:


Now here is an approximation for the salary cap breakdown using the Top 51 rules. The Giants are on record as being $2,650,728 under cap according to the NFLPA's Top 51 League cap report website, so the end result is accurate. What is approximated in this instance is the Net Cap Adjustment figure from 2012 that is factored into this year's team salary cap equation as well as the Dead Money amount (I'll list this amount again this weekend).


Now here are the remaining 39 players on the roster--those ranked 52nd to 90th in cap number on the roster--who do not count against the cap as of yet. Once September 5th comes around though, the accounting rules for the salary cap will change. The Top 51 rule will no longer be in effect.

Once the Top 51 Rule is no longer in effect, players who receive Injury Settlements during training camp and preseason will count against the cap. In addition, players who go on IR will count, as will all all players on the 53-man roster to start the season (that's two more player than those on the Top 51 list) as well as those on the PUP List to start the year (currently the Giants have only Markus Kuhn and JPP on that list with JPP looking like hes close to being ready to come off it).

Practice Squad players--all 8--will count against the cap as well at a 2013 rate of at least $6,000 per week per player ($102,000 per season over the course of all 17 weeks at minimum). Teams can choose to pay their practice squad players more if they so choose. Teams like the Patriots have done it in the past. Look at what they did last season in this regard in the link below when they had the highest paid practice squad in the entire league: