Monday, September 2, 2013

Giants' Practice Squad is complete...for now

The Giants added the last player to their Practice Squad today in UDFA Safety Jawanza Starling, out of USC. He spent time with the Texans as a rookie this summer. Here are the 8 players on the Giants' Practice Squad:

These players don't count against the salary cap now, but they will in 3 days. Beginning Thursday, September 5th at midnight ET, these players will all count on the Giants' salary cap. The Practice Squad tends to be fluid throughout the reason. Players earn $6,000 at minimum to be members of the Practice Squad. There is no maximum wage for the Practice Squad. Teams can pay the players on the Practice Squad as much as they want. If a player earns the minimum over 17 weeks, he'll earn $102,000. Multiply that by 8, and you get $816,000 counting against the cap at minimum. There is no maximum when it comes to paying players on the Practice Squad.