Tuesday, September 24, 2013

53-man roster (w/ corresponding cap hits) & 2 new Practice Squaders; Will Hill's impending re-addition to the team

The Giants just made these two Practice Squad moves today:

Additionally, here is the Practice Squad as it is presently constituted:


Here are the players on the 53-man roster now, along with their corresponding cap hits:

Next week Free Safety Will Hill will come complete his 4-game suspension. A roster move will have to be made at that time in order to make room for Hill again on the 53-man roster. The reported likely season ending injury that FB Henry Hynoski suffered this past week in Carolina (fractured shoulder; read about it HERE) would be the perfect complimentary move for them to make to re-add Hill back on to the roster.

The Giants have the lowest amount of cap space in the entire league as thongs presently stand. This hypothetical transaction would result in the loss of even more salary cap space for the Giants. They would go from having their current amount of $578,889 in cap room (as per the NFLPA's League Cap Report website) to having $211,830 of cap room. This $367,059 difference would be Hill's original 2013 salary of $480,000  being prorated for thirteen weeks instead of the full seventeen, hence the $367,509 figure (which happens to be what he will earn for the remainder of the season once he's added back on to the roster). Click HERE to see the direct link for Hill's contractual breakdown courtesy of overthecap.com: