Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here are the 2013 Cap numbers for all players currently on the Giants' 90-man roster.

Here is the list of the Top 51 cap numbers that actually count on the salary cap at the moment:

Source: 2013 Cap numbers for NY Giants - as per Jason Fitzgerald of

  • As can be seen, Victor Cruz's cap number is ranked 12th (it was ranked 11th before his new contract was agreed to).
  • First round pick Justin Pugh's cap number for 2013 ($1,517,436) ranks him 19th on the team.
    • Second round pick Johnathan Hankins ranks 28th on the team's top 51 list of cap numbers with a cap number of $732,852.
  • Steve Weatherford's contract would be a good one for the Giants to try and restructure if they need any extra room.
  • Weatherford currently ranks 13th cap-wise on the team; he has 4 years, including 2013, left on his deal, so a restructure wouldn't be such a bad idea.
  • The Giants could gain as much as an additional $738,750 in extra cap room if they and Weatherford came to an agreement to restructure his deal.
  • In exchange for as much $985,000 in upfront bonus money, the Giants would gain $738,750 more in cap room as indicated previously.
  • The trade-off would be that Weatherford's cap number would go up an extra $246,250 in each of the remaining 3 years of his deal after 2013 (his contract expires after the 2016 season).
  • It'll be interesting to see what happens.
  • The Giants' top 2 drafted players whose names appear in black bold & italicized letters in this section--Justin Pugh & Johnathan Hankins--count towards the salary cap while the Top 51 rule is in effect, up until September 5th.


Here are the players who don't currently count against the salary cap on account of the Top 51 Rule being in effect. Once it ceases though, some of these players (the ones who make the final 53-man roster) will count against the team's salary cap:

The only player on the list below whose 2013 cap number I'm not 100% sure about is Ryan D'Imperio. I believe I have his cap number right since to my knowledge he has only 1 year of accrued experience, but on the off chance I'm wrong I'll adjust this figure.

Click on the following link below by Jason Fitzgerald from to see the list of not only most of these players' 2013 cap numbers, but their overall contractual breakdowns as well:

  • Ryan Nassib's deal ranks him 59th on the club, but he will eventually count on the team's cap after September 5th, when the Top 51 rules ends and the team's final 53-man roster has been determined.
  • All 5 drafted players whose names appear in black bold & italicized letters in this section were drafted.
    • They are Damontre' Moore, Ryan Nassib, Cooper Taylor, Eric Herman & Michael Cox.
  • All the players whose names appear in light blue are undrafted rookie free agents (UDFAs); they are as follows:
    • TE, Chase Clement - ranked 73rd with a cap number of $405,833.
    • CB, Charles James - ranked in a 17-way tie for 74th-90th with a cap number of $405,000.
    • CB, Junior Mertile - ranked in a 17-way tie for 74th-90th with a cap number of $405,000.
    • LB, Etienne Sabino - ranked in a 17-way tie for 74th-90th with a cap number of $405,000.
    • S, Alonzo Tweedy - ranked in a 17-way tie for 74th-90th with a cap number of $405,000.
  • Keep in mind that if players get hurt that salary splits will factor into the equation.
  • Here is how the breakdown would occur:

The Giants will have a different cap number either tomorrow or Tuesday

The NFLPA doesn't automatically makes changes to reflect the accounting of the financial moves that have come about as the result of the Pugh signing, the Nassib signing, and the release of Kicker David Buehler & subsequent signing of Fullback Ryan D'Imperio, especially if they occur towards the end of the week (Thursday night). The changes should be reflected though on the NFLPA's Top 51 League Cap Report website either tomorrow, or on Tuesday, as indicated above.

At the moment, the Giants are officially $3,657,682 under the salary cap. As a result of the moves mentioned above, by either tomorrow or Tuesday--and pending any other moves between that time of course--the Giants should be $2,770,246 under the salary cap.

  • The Pugh signing resulted in a cap decrease of $961,436.
  • This was due to salary cap displacement between his 2013 cap number--which ranks 19th on the team--and that of the 51st ranked player on the Giants' top 51 list of cap numbers.
  • That player was Spencer Paysinger, whose salary was $556,000.
  • The difference between Pugh's 2013 cap number of $1,517,436 and Paysinger's 51st ranked cap number of $556,000 for 2013 is $961,436.

  • Nassib didn't factor into any of this because his 2013 cap number of $518,400 ranks 59th on the club, placing him outside out the team's Top 51 list of cap numbers for 2013.
  • This will change though once the Top 51 Rule ceases on September 5th, as Nassib is guaranteed a roster spot save for an act of God.

  • An extra $74,000 in cap space was created as the result of the release of Kicker David Buehler, and the subsequent signing of Fullback Ryan D'Imperio on Friday.
  • Buehler's 2013 cap number of $630,000 ranked him in a 3-way tie for the 31st highest cap number on the roster (tied with Curtis Painter & Trumaine McBride).
  • D'Imperio's cap number of $480,000 currently ranks him in an 8-way tie for 62nd on the team.
  • Since it ranks him outside of the team's Top 51 list of cap numbers for 2013, he doesn't count against the cap now.
  • The displacement of the 51st salary of $556,000 did though, resulting in a differential of $74,000 ($630,000 - $556,000 = $74,000).

  • When you subtract $961,436 from $3,657,682 you get a total of $2,696,246.
  • To this adjusted cap number of $2,696,246 you then add $74,000.
  • The result is the new adjusted cap number of $2,770,246.

As a result of these changes, the Giants should be $2,770,246 under the cap effective either tomorrow or Tuesday.

The Giants have reached an injury settlement with Cornerback Antonio Dennard, as per Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News

Cornerback Antonio Dennard was the 91st contract on the Giants' 90-man roster according to the NFLPA's Leaguewide Top 51 Cap Report (see link HERE). He was on the Reserve/Injured List, and had a salary of $405,000. He was waived on Thursday, May 16th along with TE Michael Palmer, who is now in camp with Seattle. 

Here is a link to an article by Dan Benton dating back to May 18th from
Michael Palmer & Antonio Dennard Clear Waivers; New York Giants Place Duo on Reserve/Injured List

Here is a tweet by Ralph Vacchiano about Dennard's injury settlement:

If I'm understanding this correctly, the start of the proration of Dennard's $405,000 salary (the absolute lowest in the NFL) dates back to the day that he was added to the roster, on January 15th of this year, & not the start of the 2013 league year on March 12th. The day of his release--May 16th--is when the proration ends. I'm more sure about the end date of the proration than I am about the start date though.

•Assuming I have the correct dates, then Dennard spent 121 days on the roster (the amount of days between January 15th and May 16th).
•I'm not sure though if the start date is March 12th--the start of the 2013 league year--or the day that Dennard was signed to the roster.
•That day happened to be January 15th (see HERE).

•If I did the math correctly (121 days out of 365), then the Giants the injury settlement is for $134,260.
•This amount would then count on the Giants' cap for 2013.
•Let me reiterate that I'm not sure if I understand this correctly, but right now this is my best guess; I'll check with a couple of people who would know better, and then correct myself later.