Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cap hits for all players on the Giants as of Nov. 17, 2013

As of today, and as per the NFLPA's League Cap website, the Giants are $251,536 under the salary cap. This ranks them 31st out of 32 teams in the league. Only the Rams have less cap room (they are $103,482 under the cap). The NFLPA lists 70 players as being on the team's cap payroll, not counting Dead Money. As per, the Giants have $8,860,510 in Dead Money this season. Their Dead Money total for next season so far is $389,298:

Here are the cap numbers for the 70 players that count towards the Giants' 2013 salary cap as of today. 53 are on the active roster, 8 are on the Practice Squad, and 9 are on season-ending Injured Reserve. To start off, here are the 8 players that are presently on their Practice Squad:

Here are the 9 players who are on season-ending Injured Reserve:

Finally, here are the cap numbers for all the players presently on the 53-man roster: