Monday, January 13, 2014

Here are the cap numbers for the 53 players who are under contract to the Giants in 2014

So far, the Giants have 53 players under contract in 2014 (click HERE to see the figures for all the other teams in the NFL). The Top 51 Rule will take effect on March 11th (the same day that Restricted Free Agent tenders are due, when Free Agency starts, and the new league year begins). I'm going to list the cap numbers for all players currently under contract, and then note the Top 51 figures, even though the Top 51 rule is not yet in effect. Here are the Top 51 cap figures on the Giants so far in 2014 (players with the same cap number are listed in alphabetical order by last name).

These figures are as from's Giants 2014 team salary cap page:

  • 23 of these 53 players have cap numbers that are equivalent to their salaries.
  • 14 of these 53 players are Futures signings.
    • These futures signings are as follows:
      • Spencer Adkins & Troy Kropog - cap number of $645K for both.
      • Daniel Fells & Presto Parker - cap number of $570K for both.
      • Kendrick Adams, Steven Baker, Kendall Gaskins, Jordan Gay, Marcus Harris, Travis Howard, Brandon McManus, Junior Mertile, Chaz Powell, & Ross Weaver - cap number of $420K for all ten of these players.

Here are the cap cap totals for players 52 to 53:

Here is the Dead money total (so far) for 2014:

The cap total for the Giants' Top 51 cap figures for 2014 is $115,374,676. Their Dead Money total for 2014, as listed above, is $389,298. That's a total of $115,763,974.

If the Top 51 rule wasn't going to be in effect come the start of Free Agency on March 11th, then the total for the Top 53 cap numbers would be taken into effect instead (that comes out to $116,214,676).

The Giants' adjusted 2014 salary cap would include the following five factors (I wrote about them HERE as well in more depth last June):

  1. Carryover money from 2013 (right now, the NFLPA's free League Cap Report website lists this amount to be $17,447---lowest in the NFL in 2013).
  2. Cap Grievances
  3. Cap Penalties
  4. NLTBE (Not Likely To Be Earned) bonuses
  5. LTBE (Likely To Be Earned) bonuses

    • click HERE to read about how NLTBE & LTBE bonuses work

I can roughly say at this point that taking these factors into account, along with the expected $126.3 million dollar unadjusted cap for each club, that the Giants' adjusted cap in 2014 will be just about $126,317,447 for the purpose of this post based on these figures. NLTBE and LTBE bonus figures have yet to be factored into the equation, but for now, I'll keep this simple. Subtract the total of $115,763,974 from $126,317,447 & you get $10,553,473 in free cap space.

Other variables will factor into this total of course. This includes the unadjusted cap possibly going up another $1.7 million from $126.3 million to $128 million. that would bring up the Giants' estimated total of available cap space to $12,253,473. The voiding of the contracts of Brandon Myers (cap savings of $3.25 M), and Corey Webster (cap savings of $1 M) will ad another $4,250,000 in cap savings to the total mentioned above, making it $16,503,473. Add in the $7.25 M in cap savings for cutting Snee---it would be the same if he retired---to this, and the total goes up again to $23,753,473.

After that you factor in the likely extensions for Eli and Rolle, and you get roughly another $10 million in cap space to work with, and add on to the estimated total above, raising it to roughly $33,753,473. Subtract from this the tender amounts for Restricted Free Agents (say about $5 M), and this total goes down to about $28,753,473. There will be other factors as well, such as the possible post-June 1st cut (likely in my estimation) for David Baas. That would net the Giants another $5 M in cap room off of their books in June 2nd. This freed up cap space would help the giants to sign their 2014 draft class, and have money saved up for regular season cap expenditures for 2014. I'll outline this in further detail in an upcoming post, but roughly put, the Giants will have about $25 million in available space to spend in Free Agency in 2 months.