Sunday, October 20, 2013

Salary Cap Update for all 32 teams in the NFL as of today

After an extended absence (13 days), I make my return to posting. I was busy with personal matters that prevented me from posting more regularly. I now hope to return to posting regularly--every 2 or 3 days--like I did before. Without further ado, here is the latest update for all 32 teams in the league, as per the NFLPA's Leaguewide Cap Report as of Sunday, October 20, 2013.

First, here are the figures in order of most cap space to least cap space:


Now, here are the figures in alphabetical order:

  • The Giants are not only in last place in the NFC East in the standings, but with regard to available cap space as well.
  • The Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins are 5th, 20th, and 23rd respectively; the Giants are 31st.
  • The Eagles are $17,316,515 under the cap now without a franchise QB, which helps them in this regard.
  • Dallas is $2,221,791 under it with their franchise quality QB, but they are digging themselves a trap with respect to the cap that they won't be able to dig themselves out of come 2015 and/or 2016 (the cap penalties that they've incurred as a result of their actions in 2010 are part of this problem of course); check the article out below on this subject:
  • The Redskins are $2,030,516 under the cap, and are affected by the cap penalties that they've incurred as a result of their actions in the uncapped 2010 season as well. Like Dallas, they've restructured a number of contracts in order to be under the cap for the start of the regular season's cap rules last month.

  • As can be seen, the Giants are only $379,125 under the cap, ranking them next to last in the league to the St. Louis Rams, who are $257,903 under the cap.
  • The reason Da'Rel Scott was given an injury settlement rather than being placed on Injured Reserve is  because they need every cent they can get, and need to be able to maximize any opportunity they get to create more cap space while still being able to make the roster moves necessary to deal with injuries as they inevitably come over the long haul of a grueling regular season.
  • The upcoming roster moves that need to be made for RB Andre Brown's return in week 10, & that of DT Markus Kuhn, who is eligible to return to the team anytime between this week and week 13, otherwise he'll go on IR--something which the Giants will need to avoid due to their tight Salary Cap situation.