Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here is the Giants' 90-man roster, & the corresponding 2013 salary cap numbers for each player

Here are the players in the Top 51 list:


Here are players 52 through 90, who currently don't count against the salary cap at the moment (except for their 2013 prorations):

  • The players in light blue are Undrafted Rookie Free Agents (UDFAs) that were eligible to be drafted in this past April's draft.
    • Currently, the Giants have 5 on their roster (Clement, James, Mertile, Sabino, and Tweedy).
    • These 5 players are strong candidates to make it onto the Giants' practice squad if they don't make the opening day 53-man roster.
    • Their advantages are that they have low cap numbers, they're young, and they're cost controlled for 4 years (especially the first three).

The Giants have 3 players listed on the waived/injured list so far this training camp

They are as follows:

CB, Antonio Dennard (2013 cap # of $405,000waived off of Injured Reserve on July 27th)
WR, Jeremy Horne (2013 cap # of: $480,000 - waived/injured on August 1st)
WR, Kris Adams (2013 cap # of $405,000 - waived injured on August 12th)

Their replacements on the roster were as follows:

  • Dennard was the 91st player on the 90-man roster, therefore he didn't have a replacement for his roster spot (the Giants were allowed to carry him since he was injured; they've since reached an injury settlement with him)
  • Horne's replacement was WR Julian Talley (cap number of $405,000 - signed on August 1st).
  • Adams's replacement was WR Marcus Harris (cap number of $405,000 - signed on August 12th).

You can follow the transactions here:


The Giants are going to reach injury settlements with Horne and Adams pretty soon. They've already done so, as indicated above, with Dennard. Those injury settlements will count against the salary cap once the Top 51 rule ceases 22 days from now, on at midnight NY time on Thursday, September 5th.

Here are some fine articles below in Injury Settlements. I suggest that people read up on them if people are interested in how the process works. It's something that happens every year to each of the 32 teams in the NFL, and counts against the cap once the regular season begins. I HIGHLY recommend the articles below: