Sunday, August 25, 2013

This would be my 53-man roster at this point (taking the Stevie Brown injury into account)

I'm going to make my final prediction for the 53-man roster sometime on Friday, after the last preseason game in New England on Thursday night. This is a dry run for my last prediction of that final 53 (I've done it 5 times so far; call this one version 5.1, with the one on Friday being my sixth & final official guess at the 53-man roster that will be finalized by 6 pm ET on Saturday, August 31st).

Taking the Stevie Brown injury into account, as of now, these are the 53 players that I think the Giants would start the season with in Dallas:

QB (3) - Eli, Carr, & Nassib.

RB (4) - Wilson, A. Brown, Cox, & *D. Scott.

FB (1) - Hynoski

TE/H-Back (4) - Myers, Pascoe, Robinson, & Donnell.

WR (5) - Nicks, Cruz, Randle, Murphy, & Jernigan.

OL (9) - Beatty, Boothe, Baas, Snee, Pugh, Diehl, Brewer, Mosley, & Cordle.

Specialists (3) - Josh Brown at K, Weatherford at P, & DeOssie at LS.

DL (9)
*4 DEs - JPP, Tuck, Kiwi, Moore
*5 DTs - Joseph, Jenkins, Rogers, Hankins, & **Austin.

LB (6) - Paysinger, Connor, Rivers, Williams, Herzlich, & Bosworth.

S (4) - Rolle, Mundy, ***Sash, & Taylor

CB (5) - Amukamara, Webster, Hosley, Ross, & Thomas

* I think Da'Rel Scott gets waived if the Giants find a 4th RB on the waiver wire, or as a FA that they think can do more than him (which shouldn't be hard to find).

** I think Austin might be vulnerable to getting waived while Kuhn is on the PUP List. Kuhn can return to the roster between week 7 and week 10, or the Giants can IR him during that time for the entirety of the season. Absent injuries & Austin performing and progressing well in practice and in games, I'd opt to keep Kuhn on IR the whole year.

*** I think Sash is a placeholder for Will Hill, who is eligible to return from his 4-game suspension in week 5. All things being equal (no injuries at Safety or elsewhere), I think the Giants waive Sash in order to place Hill back on to the 53-man roster for week 5.

Noteable Cuts include:
QB - Curtis Painter
RB - Ryan Torrain
WR - Ramses Barden
OL - Eric Herman
DE - Adrian Tracy, Justin Trattou, Adewale Ojomo
DT - Mike Patterson
CB - Trumaine McBride

*The Dead Money in this scenario would belong to 3 players: Barden, Ojomo, and Herman.
*The total Dead Money amount would be $121,952.
*It would be spread out over 2 years.
*$79,488 would count in 2013, & $42,464 would count in 2014.


PUP List (1):

  • Markus Kuhn (By all accounts he should be healthy enough to come back this year, but whether they IR him or add him to the 53-man roster depends on Austin's progress. Kuhn would be eligible to come off of the PUP List starting in week #7).
  • I've got JPP starting the year on the 53-man roster even though he's on the PUP List now based on what Reese has said about him. Even if he's inactive for a game or two, he should be ok to play in the first 6 games of the season, saving the Giants salary cap space.

Injured Reserve (1):

  • Sadly, this is Stevie Brown's slot. Wish him a full and speedy recovery. Hopefully, nobody else will be added to this list.

Suspension List (1):

  • Will Hill is the only one who is still on the 75-man roster at this point who is suspended to start the season (4 games). WR Brandon Collins was released today, and will still have to serve his 4-game suspension to start the season, only now it won't be as a Giant. Collins is probably going to clear waivers, and then may or may not be added to the Practice Squad here or elsewhere depending on the situation at the time he is eligible to return in week 5 of the regular season.
  • Hill, on the other hand, looks like he's going to be needed now, as a result of the Stevie Brown injury. He might even be the the 3rd safety when he's back. I think Sash is a placeholder for Hill until he's eligible to return, and then Sash will get waived by the team to make room for him (barring an unforeseen injury of course).

Injuries are going to play a role in this every day until final cut-down day, 6 days from now. I'll adjust my short list based on news I read from beat reporters who have full-time access to practice until the end of the preseason. After the preseason is over, they'll revert to only having part-time access (regular season rules). I'll have my final guess (6th) at the roster on Friday, August 30th either in the morning, or by the afternoon, the day after the Giants play their final preseason game against the Patriots up in Foxborough. It'll be fun to play the final roster guessing game until then.

Here is the Giants' 75-man roster after today's roster moves as it stands now w/corresponding cap numbers

Here is the list in order of largest cap number to smallest cap number with the Top 51 still listed:

#1 - In cases where there are ties for a cap number, players are listed by in alphabetical order by their last names.

#2 - Stevie Brown isn't listed here because he is on Injured Reserve. His 2013 cap number of $2,023,000 will count against the Giants' salary cap this season though beginning September 5th.


Here are players 52 through 75:

We'll be seeing moves made to trim the roster down to 53 begin to be made the day after the last preseason game is played in New England in my opinion. The deadline to reach 53 is 6 pm (New York time) on Saturday, August 31st.

Giants released 14 today; placed Stevie Brown to IR

The Giants cut the following 14 players today to reach the 75-man limit 48 hours early:

  1. LB, Aaron Curry
  2. FB, Ben Guidugli
  3. WR, Brandon Collins (suspended for the first 4 games of the 2013 season)
  4. WR, Terrence Sinkfield (2013 UDFA)
  5. TE, Jamie Childers
  6. TE, Chase Clement (2013 UDFA)
  7. OG, Michael Jasper
  8. OT, Austin Holtz (2013 UDFA)
  9. MLB, Jake Muasau
  10. OLB, Etienne Sabino (2013 UDFA)
  11. DT, Frank Okam
  12. *CB, Laron Scott (Waived/Injured)
  13. CB, Junior Mertile (2013 UDFA)
  14. S, Alonzo Tweedy (2013 UDFA)

There was no Dead money from any player on this list (including Aaron Curry) except for one: TE Chase Clement. As a result of waiving him today, the Giants will be responsible for an extra $833 tacked on to their Dead Money total for this year, and the remaining $1,667 on next year's salary cap. Here is his contractual breakdown, courtesy of

*Note: I asked this question to Jason Fitzgerald and Joel Corry sometime back in May/June, and they explained to me how a signing bonus comes into play if you release a player after June 1st, using Clement as an example. The Giants are on the hook for this year's prorated signing bonus total of $833 with respect to Dead Money, but the remainder ($1,667) is going to be added on to next year's total.

CB Laron Scott was Waived/Injured today. The injury occurred in OT of last night's game against the Jets as per Tom Rock's tweet:

This brings the total of players who were waived/injured by the Giants this training camp/preseason to 6. They are as follows:

  1. CB, Antonio Dennard
  2. WR, Jeremy Horne
  3. WR, Kris Adams
  4. OT, Chris DeGeare
  5. WR, Keith Carlos
  6. CB, Laron Scott

This is significant because the Giants will have to negotiate Injury Settlements with these players' agents. This will count against the Giants' regular season salary cap when the Top 51 Rule ceases in 11 days (almost 10 now) from now on September 5th at midnight New York time. If Injury Settlements are reached, then a grievance may result, which could also effect the salary cap. After an arbitrator figures out who is at fault, a percentage of a team's salary cap would be effected (either plus or minus).

Stevie Brown will count against the cap fully this year. He had to clear waivers since he has less than 4 years of accrued experience (3 to be exact in his case) as per this tweet by Joel Corry:

His cap number of $2,023,000 (tied for 15th on the team with Andre Brown) will count FULLY against the Giants' cap this year. All players on the PUP List and Injured Reserve count against the salary cap. DE Jason Pierre-Paiul and DT Markus Kuhn are the only 2 players on the giants now who are still on the PUP List. We'll find out this week if either of them comes off of it (JPP is likely to come off of it as per the hints GM Jerry Reese has been giving in recent days).