Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Adjustment made to the Giants' Dead Money list

Thanks to some help from Jason Fitzgerald from, I figured out that the discrepancy in cap numbers over the last week or two on the NFL's Top 51 Cap Report was due to dead money added on to the cap from the release of RB Jeremy Wright.

The Giants signed Wright as an Undrafted Rookie Free Agent (UDFA) on May 10th, and waived him on May 31st, as per, a favorite website of mine which I write Salary Cap Articles for under the handle of "Optimus-NY". Read about the list of transactions HERE.

Jason helped teach me how to decipher why the discrepancy was there as I indicated above. It turns out tat the Giants gave Wright a $5,000 signing bonus. The only other two UDFAs who the Giants signed this year after the draft who they gave signing bonuses too were as follows:

  1. WR Marcus Davis out of Virginia Tech--who they cut during rookie camp between May 11th and May 13th after giving him a relatively whopping $15,000 (Davis was then signed by the Jets).
  2. The other is blocking TE Chase Clement out of LSU, who got a $2,500 and is still on the Giants 90-man roster.

NOTE: The dead money numbers I have compiled below are just educated guesses based on numbers I've seen from and, along with figures I specifically recall dating from when Osi Umenyiora had a Voidable year tacked on to the final year of his contract last Spring.

I have the Giants' dead money figures estimated as follows (including Wright's updated dead money figure):

Check out this excellent article on how to play the cap game in the offseason, & hurt the competition

The article below, while almost two months old, is outstanding nonetheless. It references former Giants Ahmad Bradshaw, Plaxico Burress, and even LT in passing at the beginning. Check it out below:

"How Bill Belichick Screwed The Steelers" by Nik B√łnaddio on Apr 15th, 2013

The main thrust of the article is how former longtime Giant and current Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick, turned the screws on one of his main competitors in the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Belichick did so by signing RFA WR Emmanuel Sanders to a one-year offer sheet.

The Steelers, who have had lots of cap trouble this offseason, (now being $4,438,618 under the cap) are in bad shape unlike the comparatively healthy Patriots (who are now $8,391,859 under the cap), tendered Sanders at the original tender level amount, which in Sanders' case was the third round. The three tenders are for a first round pick, a 2nd round pick, and the original round that the player was drafted in. their corresponding tender amounts are as follows, as per Albert Breer's tweet about 5 months ago:

The Steelers drafted Sanders out of Southern Methodist University in the third round of the 2010 NFL draft with the 82nd overall pick. They made a tactical error in electing NOT to tender Sanders at the 2nd round level.

It would have cost them $700,000 more than the original tender, but as it turned out, the Patriots made them pay approximately $1.2 million more than that original tender amount when they agreed with Sanders to the $2.5 million offer sheet that he signed with them on April 10th, which the Steelers ultimately matched 4 days later.

This helps to explain why the Giants offered Andre Brown a 2nd round tender instead of the original round tender that I was speculating that he'd get:

I was wondering why the Giants paid Brown more than they had to, but after looking at this whole Emmanuel Sanders affair--who'll probably bolt Pittsburgh next offseason with their cap being as tight as it is--it makes sense. It's better to pay a little more, and be prudent, than to get caught with your pants down by your competitors. You can bet that teams in direct competition with the Giants (read good teams in the NFC, especially NFC East teams) would have loved to do the same thing to the Giants that the Pats did to the Steelers.

Look at what happened to the Redskins and Cowboys the last two offseasons, with all the cap room each team had to give up. Washington gave up $18 million in cap room each of the last seasons, while Dallas gave up $5 million. That cap space was divided up 28 ways, and redistributed throughout the league (only the Saints and Raiders didn't benefit from this since they committed minor cap infractions of their own). You can bet good money that the Cowboys and Redskins would ESPECIALLY love to stick it to the Giants, particularly with Giants' co-owner John Mara, who is also a prominent member of the NFL Competition Committee, being painted as the main reason behind those two clubs being penalized--their own negligence aside of course.

In summary, we can see how direct competition is not just something which exists during the regular season, but is also prevalent at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This competition extends off the field during free agency, the Draft, Rookie Free Agency, the waiver wire--with the salary cap being the main thread that runs through all of these subdivided mediums of competition.

Giants' cap number & unofficial list of free agents

The Giants' official salary cap figure has not changes since the last time I posted it a three days ago. The Giants are $3,308,682 under the salary cap now as per the League's most up to date TOP 51 CAP REPORT.

That number will obviously change once Justin Pugh signs. Once that happens, it should go down approximately $961,436 (Pugh's expected cap number of $1,517,436 - the 51st ranked cap number on the team now belonging to Spencer Paysinger of $556,000). If all things stay as they are now, then the Giants' cap number in that instance would be $2,347,246.

As stated previously numerous times here, Nassib's cap number will not effect the Giants' salary cap at this time due to the Top 51 Rule being in effect. Once the Top 51 Rule ceases on Thursday, September 5th at midnight EST, then team salary caps will include the 52nd and 53rd men on the roster, to go along with the practice squad, players on the PUP list (expect Kuhn and maybe even Hynoski to be on that list, with the possibility of JPP being on it also), and IR. Since Nassib will be on the team come opening day, his cap number will count then, but won't until then, assuming of course that he signs with the team and he stays off of IR.


Here is an unofficial list of NFL Free Agents from Adam Caplan, including FB Vonta Leach, who was released by the Ravens yesterday. Check out this article by Mike Garafolo on the topic yesterday in USA Today:

Here are unofficial lists of players on OFFENSE & DEFENSE: