Monday, May 6, 2013

Giants' rookie cap numbers for 2013 draft picks

Here are the anticipated cap numbers according to the slotting system from


I had to adjust the calculations from for the Giants' respective slots because they were not added correctly on the site on account of them not corresponding to the giants' actual selections. Jason Fitzgerald does a FANTASTIC job on that site nonetheless, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting his site to learn about how the cap works.

Here goes already with the estimated cap numbers for the Giants' 7 drafted rookies. The estimated total according to my figures below for all 7 picks is $4,643,388. The numbers below correspond to each individual player's draft slot:

Cap hits for players 52 through 84 on the roster at this time.

Including the 7 drafted rookie from last week's draft, there are currently 84 players on the 90-man roster. Here are the cap numbers in chronological order for players 52 to 84. Since the Top 51 cap rule is in effect, on account of this being the off-season, these players' cap numbers DO NOT COUNT towards the salary cap at this time. Here they are:

At present, the Giants are OFFICIALLY $3,927,958 under the salary cap.

This is as per the source below (also cited in the previous post):

Here is the link for the League's Official Top 51 Cap Report

It's updated four times a day at the following times: 8 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM and 8 PM Eastern daily.

Giants' top 51 Cap numbers as of May 6, 2013

Here are the Giants' top 51 Cap numbers as of May 6, 2013:

  • Here is the work that I did to get the estimated cap number of $2,678,510 below:

The information above includes the top 51 cap numbers as well as the work done to get the estimated cap number for the Giants as of today. The two Giants rookies who fit into the top 51 cap numbers for the Giants are highlighted above: Justin Pugh ranked 19th above, and Johnathan Hankins ranked 27th above.

New York Giants Salary Cap Blog

This blog is dedicated to charting and mapping out the salary cap of the NY Football Giants. As of today's date--Monday, May 6, 2013--the Giants have 84 players on their 90 man roster. I included the 7 draft picks from this year's draft. They supposedly count on the roster according to (BBI) poster Jon in NYC : in a post he made on that link on 4/28/2013 at  5:25 pm. He cited a tweet from Ralph Vacchiano (see the near the end of the link below):

Official Confirmed UDFA News/Signings thread for the Giants Matt in SGS : 4/27/2013 6:23 pm

Here's the post about unsigned drafted players counting on the 90-man roster:
Jon in NYC : 4/28/2013 5:25 pm
RT @gregaiello After further review, unsigned draft choices DO count on roster. Change was made when roster limit went from 80 to 90.
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I'll post the Giants' Top 51 Cap numbers on another post.