Monday, December 16, 2013

How do the Giants rank with respect to Dead Money in 2014 compared to the rest of the NFL at this point?

I posted the Dead Money figures for this season two days ago. Here are the Dead Money totals thus far for next season. According to the estimated figures below courtesy of OverTheCap.comthe Giants rank 6th out of the 32 clubs in the league for 2014 (they rank 10th for the 2013 Dead Money figures).
  • The average amount of Dead Money in 2014 for each club at this point in time according to these figures is $3,809,938
  • The Giants have $389,298 in Dead Money.
    • This ranks them $3,420,540 below the mean.
      • 5 of the 6 players who count towards the Giants' 2014 Dead Money total are off the team entirely now, with only rookie Eric Herman counting towards this total being on the Giants' Practice Squad now.
      • There will invariably be more players who are added on to this cut, particularly the ones that I mentioned in the second half of the this article I wrote on Saturday:
        • Giants' Dead Money totals for 2013 & 2014 as of Dec. 14, 2013
        • As I wrote about in the aforementioned article, Players like Chris Snee ($4.5 M), Corey Webster ($1.25 M), & Brandon Myers ($1.125 M) are almost certain to be additions to the list depicted above.
        • That's a total of $6.875 M in additional Dead Money for those three players that will likely be added to the Dead Money total of $389,298 which would bring the total to $7,264,298.


Keep in mind that Dead Money is NOT the same thing as Cap Savings. To explain the difference between the two in layman's terms, I'll use a food analogy: a crusty old pie box.

  • Dead Money is what's leftover from a player's Cap number (the rock-hard part of a pie which can't be scraped out of a pie box) that can't be fully removed from the accounting books.
  • Cap Savings, on the other hand, are what you manage to scrape out of a pie box and throw out--which is usually more than what is left over in the pie box.

To summarize: Dead Money is the crust that is stuck to the bottom of an aluminum pan that you can't remove, while Cap Savings are what you can manage to retrieve, and toss out into the garbage.

I'll list the Dead Money figures for 2014 for all 32 clubs below, first in order of the least amount of Dead Money to the greatest amount of Dead Money, and then in alphabetical order for the sake of reference:

In order of least amount of Dead Money to greatest amount of Dead Money:


In alphabetical order: