Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Here are the Cap numbers for players 52 through 86 on the Giants' 90-man roster

None of these players fall into the Giants' Top 51 ranked players with respect to cap charges. As a result, they don't count towards the Giants' salary cap (at least until the regular seas begins). Here are the figures:

The Giants' 3 remaining unsigned draft picks (Justin Pugh, Ryan Nassib, & Eric Herman) are on the 90-man roster roster (officially leaving only one vacant roster spot), but since Justin Pugh, Ryan Nassib, and Eric Herman haven't agreed to terms with the Giants as of this time, they can't be included in any cap calculations yet--although I have projected what the Giants' overall cap number would be if the Giants did sign Pugh in my previous post since his projected cap number would fit into the Giants' top 51 cap numbers.

Fourth round selection Ryan Nassib (the 110th overall pick) and seventh round draft selection Eric Herman's (the 225th overall pick) projected cap numbers--click HERE for the source of these estimated cap figures--do not fall into the Giants' top 51 cap numbers. Since that is the case, they would not count against the Giants' salary cap--at least until the Top 51 rule ceases, and the regular season begins (assuming they make the team, which Nassib most assuredly will, barring injury; with Herman it's a 50/50 type of proposition). Their projected cap numbers are as follows below:

Ryan Nassib (selected in the 4th round; 110th overall pick): $519,114
Eric Herman (selected in the 7th round; 225th overall pick): $419,462

According to my figures, the Giants' estimated overall salary cap number as of today is $3,526,194

Yesterday I addressed the issue of estimated dead money that the Giants' are on the books for cap-wise. Today I'm listing their overall estimated cap number (remember that the "Top 51 Rule" is in effect, as is deftly explained in the link that I provided from steelersdepot.com), this time without any projections like I did last time. Here goes:


Here's the work that I did to calculate the estimated cap number of $3,526,194 that I came up with:

This number doesn't include 1st round pick Justin Pugh. His estimated cap number of $1,517,436 doesn't count yet simply because he didn't sign. Once he does sign, his slotted cap number listed above (sourced from the pick by pick rookie salary cap estimated for the 2013 draft HERE) will factor into the equation.


Since Pugh's estimated cap number fits into the top 51 cap numbers listed above, it will displace the 51st ranked cap number (currently belonging to Brandon Mosley). The difference between Pugh's cap number and that 51st ranked cap number will subtracted from the Giants' current overall cap number of $3,526,194.

If Pugh were to sign the Giants' cap number would be calculated as follows:

Pugh's est. cap number of  $1,517,436 - Mosley's 51st ranked cap number of $555,146 = $962,290

The Giants' current est. cap number of $3,526,194 - $962,290 = adjusted estimated cap number with Pugh $2,563,904