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Check out this great article and video by Jason Fitzgerald from

I recommend this to everyone out there who is interested in the salary cap, and how it works. Here is the link to the article:
Video Presentation: Caponomics 101- Salary Cap Basics | June 1, 2013

Here is the direct link to the video presentation itself on YouTube:
Caponomics 101 video

Jason does a great job. He puts a lot of hard work into his website with quality articles, numbers, podcasts, and videos. The quality of his work shows, so it's definitely worth a look. Try and watch at least part of it some time today, and save the rest for later if you're busy.

The Giants' official cap number as of today is listed as being $3,312,016

This figure of $3,312,016 listed above is the official figure listed by the NFLPA. The previous official number that I had listed here just 3 days ago (see the link here for that post) had the Giants' cap number listed as being $3,312,849. That's a difference of $833. I'm not sure how to account for this difference other than it possibly being the result of recently signed UDFA Chase Clements' prorated signing bonus, but that doesn't make sense since his cap number isn't in the teams' top 51 list of cap numbers. I'll try and see where this discrepancy came about later. In the the meantime, proceed to the neat information below:


I calculated the Giants latest cap number to be $3,413,898. Compared to this official figure, I'm $101,882 off on the plus side (which is better than being on the short side). Like before, I figure that my overestimate is either the result of one of these two reasons, or possibly both:

1.) Prior year salary cap adjustments specific to the Giants' roster that I haven't yet calculated into the equation. For what it's worth, has that figure listed as $91,284 at the bottom of their page if you scroll down.

  • LTBE (Likely to be Earned) incentives from last season that were missed and reported as bonus money in this year's cap are part of the Cap adjustment equation, as may be NLTBE (Not Likely to be Earned) incentives. Since my estimate is on the plus side, my miscalculation is more likely to fall into the LTBE incentives category. 
2.) A miscalculation in Dead Money. I tried to compensate for that possible error by adjusting the figures that I had before by making a change in Greg Jones's leftover dead money figure, and increasing it from the figure that I had listed before.

The link below will provide the salary cap figures for all 32 teams in the NFL. Here is the link:
Top 51 League Cap Report

The figures will change in a couple of days when the cap credits for the post June 1st cuts kick in, which will be especially welcome for teams like the Raiders, Steelers, & Redskins off the top of my head. Here is a screen shot of the link pasted above:

Official cap updates for Kyle Bosworth & Chase Clement

Looking through the NFLPA records this morning I noticed that Kyle Bosworth's salary was listed as $555,000. This figure was also the same at with respect to the Giants' entire roster.

Bosworth received no bonus money, therefore his cap number is the same as his salary listed above ($555,000). This must mean that he has 2 accrued years, and not 3 as I was speculating on a previous post (click HERE for it). This means that he doesn't count against the Giants' salary cap since his cap number doesn't fall into the teams top 51. If the Giants were to cut him, there would be no leftover dead money on the Giants' salary cap. Check out his contract information below; it's pretty straightforward:

Source: Kyle Bosworth's contractual information for the Giants from

My projection for Undrafted Rookie Free Agent signee Chase Clement, the blocking TE out of LSU, was slightly off because he received some bonus money in addition to his paragraph 5 base salary. His salary was listed as being $405,000 when I looked it up on the NFLPA website. It didn't reveal his $2,5000 signing bonus though. Clement's salary for 2013 is $407,500. His cap number for the 2013 season is $405,833. I found that out via when I checked there earlier today. Here is the information below:

Source: Chase Clement's contractual information from

Undrafted Rookie Free Agents don't (UDFAs) don't always receive signing bonuses. The only other UDFA that the Giants signed after the draft so far this year besides Clement that received a signing bonus was WR Marcus Davis out of Virginia Tech, and they cut him already. Davis received a $15,000 signing bonus when the Giants signed him right after the completion of the 7th round of this years' Draft. 2 weeks later though the Giants cut him because of the play of WR Jeremy Horne. The Jets then proceeded to scoop him up right afterward.

Davis's signing bonus was six times bigger than Clement's. If the Giants don't see the kind of play from Clement that they like, then they'll cut him too, but that probably won't be until training camp since the Giants decided to be patient with him and sign him after he initially failed his physical before coming in for rookie camp between May 11th and May 13th. Clement's dead money for 2013, should he be released would be $2,500. They absorbed Davis's $15,000 dead money figure right only 2 weeks after giving him that large signing bonus.

There are 5 UDFAs on the Giants' roster at this time. They are as follows:

They've cut  5 others so far this off-season since the time after rookie camp between May 11th and May 13th as well. Running Back Jeremy Wright out of Louisville was the latest UDFA who was released. The Giants released him yesterday, a per this tweet by Ralph Vacchiano (Wright still appears though on the Giants' official 90-man roster listed at as of today, so it may not be official yet). Here are the 5 who they've released so far:

Clement is the only UDFA currently on the Giants' roster to receive a signing bonus. This apparently is a boost to his chances to make to team (including the Practice Squad), but not by much. Look at what the Giants did with Davis. They gave him a $15,000 signing bonus, and the *POOF* he was gone after getting outplayed by journeyman veteran receiver Jeremy Horne.

The Giants currently have 89 players on their 90-man roster (reports surfaced that they released UDFA RB Jeremy Wright yesterday). It'll be interesting to see what moves they make next, besides signing their two remaining unsigned draft picks--first round pick Justin Pugh, and fourth round pick Ryan Nassib.

Check out this article by Joel Corry on the significance of June 1st on the NFL calendar

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