Saturday, August 31, 2013

Here's a list of Practice Squad eligible players that the Giants waived today & the waiver wire order

These Practice Squad eligible players that the Giants waived today may very well be the group that the Giants choose from to form their 8-man Practice Squad by this time tomorrow if they clear waivers. Teams can begin to contact and sign players who clear waivers tomorrow at 12 pm New York time. Here are the guys who they waived today, & who they may very well contact and try to sign then:

  1. Eric Herman
  2. Matt Broha
  3. Bryan Browning
  4. Terrence Frederick
  5. Stephen Goodin
  6. Kevin Hardy
  7. Marcus Harris
  8. Matt McCants - He spent last year on the Giants' Practice Squad
  9. Julian Talley
  10. *Charles James
  11. *Adewale Ojomo

Of these eleven players, nine are a pretty safe bet to clear waivers by 12 noon NY time tomorrow. The only two that will make me sweat a little are Charles James & Adewale Ojomo. It should be noted that teams who claim these players MUST add them to their 53-man roster for the first 3 weeks of the season. If they let go of them prior to that, then they will be paid as if they were going to be on the roster for 3 weeks. Bad teams like Kansas City and Jacksonville could use all the talent that they can get. The Waiver wire order that is in effect now until September 24th is as follows:

2013 WAIVER WIRE ORDER in effect until September 24, 2013:
1. Kansas City
2. Jacksonville
3. Oakland
4. Philadelphia
5. Detroit
6. Cleveland
7. Arizona
8. Buffalo
9. NY Jets
10. Tennessee
11. San Diego
12. Miami
13. Tampa Bay
14. Carolina
15. New Orleans
16. St. Louis
17. Pittsburgh
18. Dallas
19. NY Giants
20. Chicago
21. Cincinnati
22. Washington
23. Minnesota
24. Indianapolis
25. Seattle)
26. Green Bay
27. Houston
28. Denver
29. New England
30. Atlanta
31. San Francisco
32. Baltimore

If James and Ojomo clear waivers, then I think the Giants will jump at calling and offering them spots on the Practice Squad. It's going to be interesting to see if they last until 12 noon tomorrow ET. We can only wait and see at this point. To learn more about how the NFL's waiver system works click on the link below:

The minimum salary for players on the Practice Squad for 2013 is $6,000. Over the course of 17 weeks, that is a salary of $102,000. Multiply that by 8 players, and you get $816,000 (at minimum) that will start to count on the salary cap on Thursday, September 5th. Of course, teams can choose to pay their Practice Squad players more than the $6,000 minimum that is in effect for 2013. The last year two years it was $5,700. It will be $6,300 next year. Here's a graphic that depicts Practice Squad minimum salaries from the start of this latest CBA in 2011 through its end in 2020:

Here is the salary cap impact of the players who didn't make the Giants' final 53 today

First, here's a list of the players who are no longer on the 53-man roster, as per's "list of players not on the final 53":

  1. DT Marvin Austin
  2. WR Ramses Barden
  3. LB Kyle Bosworth
  4. DE Matt Broha
  5. OL Bryant Browning
  6. FS David Caldwell
  7. OL Selvish Capers
  8. QB David Carr
  9. DB Terrence Frederick
  10. OL Stephen Goodin
  11. WR Kevin Hardy
  12. WR Marcus Harris
  13. OL Eric Herman
  14. DB Will Hill
  15. DB Charles James
  16. DT Markus Kuhn
  17. OL Matt McCants
  18. DE Adewale Ojomo
  19. DB Tyler Sash
  20. WR Julian Talley
  21. RB Ryan Torain
  22. DE Adrian Tracy


Different roster moves for the 22 aforementioned players listed above. They are grouped as follows:

I. CUTS (Sixteen were Waived/1 was Released)

WAIVED (16):
    1. DT Marvin Austin
    2. LB Kyle Bosworth
    3. DE Matt Broha - P.S. eligible
    4. OL Bryant Browning - P.S. eligible
    5. FS David Caldwell
    6. DB Terrence Frederick - P.S. eligible
    7. OL Stephen Goodin - P.S. eligible
    8. WR Kevin Hardy - P.S. eligible
    9. WR Marcus Harris - P.S. eligible
    10. OL Eric Herman - P.S. eligible
    11. DB Charles James - P.S. eligible
    12. OL Matt McCants - P.S. eligible
    13. DE Adewale Ojomo - P.S. eligible
    14. WR Julian Talley - P.S. eligible
    15. RB Ryan Torain
    16. DE Adrian Tracy

    RELEASED (1):

    1. QB David Carr

    II. WAIVED INJURED (either with an injury settlement or without on)


    1. OL Selvish Capers (an injury settlement will be reached with him very shortly in all likelihood, just as one was reached with Tyler Sash).

    1. SS Tyler Sash


    1. WR Ramses Barden


    1. DT Markus Kuhn (he can return between week 7 and week 13, or the Giants can either place him on IR or waive him after he's healthy; if they add him to the 53-man roster then a corresponding roster move must be made to accommodate him then)

    1. FS Will Hill (suspended for 4 games due to use of marijuana; eligible to return to roster by week 5; the Giants will either waive him at that time or make a roster move in order to add him then)


    Now, the question the becomes the following: which of these players will still continue to count against the Giants' cap? I'll list them below:
    1. DT Marvin Austin - Waived
    2. DE Adewale Ojomo - Waived
    3. QB David Carr - Released
    4. SS Tyler Sash - Waived/Injured w/an Injury Settlement
    5. OL Selvish Capers - Waived/Injury
    6. OL Eric Herman - Released
    7. WR Ramses Barden - IR
    8. *DT Markus Kuhn - PUP LIST

    The cuts of the following ten players had no impact whatsoever on the Giants' salary cap:

    1. LB Kyle Bosworth - WAIVED
    2. DE Matt Broha - WAIVED
    3. OL Bryant Browning - WAIVED
    4. FS David Caldwell - WAIVED
    5. DB Terrence Frederick - WAIVED
    6. OL Stephen Goodin - WAIVED
    7. WR Kevin Hardy - WAIVED
    8. WR Marcus Harris - WAIVED
    9. DB Charles James - WAIVED
    10. OL Matt McCants - WAIVED
    11. WR Julian Talley - WAIVED
    12. RB Ryan Torain - WAIVED
    13. DE Adrian Tracy - WAIVED

    Players on the PUP List and on IR will count on the salary cap starting on September 5th. It should be noted that Markus Kuhn's salary will split. The amount of the split is most likely going to reduce his base salary from $480,000 to $303,000 (see below):

    His cap number for this year is $491,474 for the year. I asked Joel Corry about Kuhn's situation and he wrote me that, "there are up & down splits where the player gets the lower amount when he's not on the 53 man roster. There are also splits that disappear after making the 53 man roster. Kuhn has an up & down or full split." He also said "the type of split is a function of team policy & leverage. Pre-season splits are most favorable for players." My guess is that Kuhn's base salary splits to $303,000 as I mentioned above, and this his 2013 signing bonus proration of $11,474 will still count though, making his cap number for 2013 $177,000 less than it was going to be. It'll change from $491,474 to $314,474. I'm not sure if this will still be in effect if he returns to the active roster though.

    Ramses Barden's cap number of $620,000 will count fully on the cap now that he is listed on Injured Reserve.

    This brings us to Dead Money. It is as follows for the following 5 players:
    1. Marvin Austin - His dead money total is $623,018. Since he has two years left on his deal (including this year), and post June 1st cut rules are still in effect, his total will be split up over two years. $311,509 will count as Dead Money in 2013, and $311,509 will count as Dead Money in 2014.
    2. Adewale Ojomo - Ojomo's dead money total is $1,000. Since he also has two years left on his deal (including this year), and post June 1st cut rules are still in effect, his total will be split up over two years. $500 will count as Dead Money in 2013, and $500 will count as Dead Money in 2014.
    3. David Carr - His $65,000 signing bonus is all that will count against the cap as Dead Money. Since he signed a 1 year Minimum Salary Benefit (MSB) contract, all $65,000 will accelerate into this year's Dead Money total.
    4. Tyler Sash - His Dead money total of $39,340 will be spread out over two years for the same reason as Marvin Austin and Adewale Ojomo (he has two years left on his contract as well). Sash's total will be split up over two years. $19,670 will count as Dead Money in 2013, and $19,670 will count as Dead Money in 2014. Keep in mind that Sash's injury settlement will affect the cap as well, but that won't kick in until September 5th. The Dead Money amount counts now.
    5. Eric Herman - His Dead money total will be spread out over 2 years. He was drafted in the 7th round this past April. His signing bonus of 55,952 is prorated over 4 years. As a result, the first year proration of $13,988 will count this year, while the remaining 3 years totaling $41,964 will accelerate into next year's dead money total.

    • The additional total amount of Dead Money as the result of these transactions for 2013 is going to be $410,667.
    • The additional total amount of Dead Money as the result of these transactions for 2014 is going to be $373,643.

    The dead money amount counts now on the cap. The injury settlements for Sash and Capers (I'm assuming one for Capers), whatever they may be (I'm guessing around $100K to $150K for each), will not count until Thursday, September 5th when the Salary Cap accounting rules change.

    Here are the players who were waived/injured and are going to receive Injury Settlements:
    1. Antonio Dennard
    2. Jeremy Horne
    3. Kris Adams
    4. Chris DeGeare
    5. Keith Carlos
    6. Laron Scott
    7. Tyler Sash
    8. Selvish Capers

    As mentioned above, their injury settlement totals will start counting on the salary cap in about 5 days. The same will apply to the players on IR (Stevie Brown and Ramses Barden), and Markus Kuhn on the PUP List. Will Hill is another case though.

    Since Hill is on the Reserve/Suspended List, the Giants will get a cap credit for the amount of time that he is suspended. In this case, it will be 4 games. This means that if Hill is back on the team in week 5, then only 13/17ths of his $480,000 salary (which also happens to be his cap number; he doesn't have any bonus money) will count on the Giants' 2013 salary cap. In this case, it would be $367,059, thereby saving the Giants $112,941 in cap room during the time that he will be suspended.


    To conclude, here are the players who made today's final 53 courtesy of this link from below:

    Let's see who makes it to Dallas 8 nights from tonight. I have a STRONG feeling that not all of these will (Andre Brown is a good bet to go on Temporary IR on Tuesday, September 3rd):

    Offense (26)
    QB (3): Eli Manning, Curtis Painter, Ryan Nassib
    RB: (4): David Wilson, Andre Brown, Da’Rel Scott, Michael Cox
    FB (1): Henry Hynoski
    WR (5): Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, Louis Murphy, Jerrel Jernigan
    TE (4): Brandon Myers, Bear Pascoe, Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell
    OL: (9): David Diehl, Chris Snee, Will Beatty, Kevin Boothe, David Baas, Justin Pugh, Jim Cordle, Brandon Mosley, James Brewer 

    Defense (24)
    DE (5): Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mathias Kiwanuka, Damontre Moore, Justin Trattou
    DT (5): Linval Joseph, Cullen Jenkins, Shaun Rogers, Johnathan Hankins, Mike Patterson
    LB (5): Dan Connor, Keith Rivers, Spencer Paysinger, Mark Herzlich, Jacquian Williams
    CB (6): Corey Webster, Prince Amukamara, Aaron Ross, Terrell Thomas, Jayron Hosley, Trumaine McBride 
    S (3): Antrel Rolle, Ryan Mundy, Cooper Taylor

    Specialists (3)
    K: Josh Brown
    P:  Steve Weatherford
    LS: Zak DeOssie

    The Giants have made 10 roster moves so far today; they have 12 more to go

    The Giants are required to have 53 players on their active list by 6 pm ET today. Here are the roster moves that they have been reported to have made today thus far today according to various tweets from Giants' Beat Reporters and players:

    This thread from is a great place to go to check on moves too:
    NY Giants cuts 8/31 - thread started on 8/31/13 by "BigBluePrestige" at 11:02 am

    1. WR, Ramses Barden - RELEASED
    2. SS, Tyler Sash - WAIVED   **Later reported to be WAIVED/INJURED; see update below**
    3. FS, David Caldwell - WAIVED
    4. DE, Matt Broha - WAIVED
    5. CB, Terrence Frederick - WAIVED
    6. OG/C, Stephen Goodin - WAIVED
    7. CB, Charles James - WAIVED
    8. OT, Matt McCants - WAIVED

    • DT, Markus Kuhn (eligible to return between weeks 7 and 13, or he can be placed on Injured Reserve).


    UPDATE: 2:55 pm ET
    Tyler Sash was actually waived/injured as a result of the concussion he received in the last preseason game in New Englanf according to this tweet by Ralph Vacciano below:

    The only mild surprise of the 10 roster moves announced so far is the release of Tyler Sash. He suffered a concussion two nights ago in the last preseason game in New England on Thursday, August 29th. The resulting Dead Money of his release is $19,670 for this season, and another $19,670 for next season (2014). It could be interesting to see if Sash was waived/injured, possibly resulting in an injury settlement. We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully, it was just a one or two week type of thing. The only other Dead Money that has resulted so far is as a result of the release of Ramses Barden. The Giants will suffer an added dead money hit in 2013 for the amount of $65,000 due to releasing him (there isn't any dead money added onto the 2014 total as a result of this roster move). So far, the added dead money total for 2013 as a result of thew moves is $84,670 (Sash and Barden). The added dead money total in 2014 is only $19,670 (for Sash alone).

    Sash, like the other players listed here, other than WR Ramses Barden who is a free agent as of now, will be available to be claimed by other teams on waivers. Teams have until tomorrow at 12 pm to claim them, otherwise they become free agents, and will be completely free to sign with the club of their choice. At that point, teams will start to build their 8-man Practice Squad. 5 of the 8 players who were waived are eligible to go on the Practice Squad (James, Broha, Frederick, James, & McCants). To see the list of Practice Squad eligible Giants, click HERE:

    • The Giants have 12 more roster moves to make in roughly the next 4 and a half hours until the 6 pm ET deadline.
    • I'll try and update them here as they are leaked via twitter, and/or one of the other various seemingly countless mediums of communication we have in existence today.

    P.S. On a sidenote, there are two moves made so far today out of these ten that are out of whack with my final roster projection for today. they are the cutting of CB Charles James (waived), and that of SS Tyler Sash (also waived). I had projected them both to the 53-man roster today. I think that if James clears waivers at 12 pm ET tomorrow that he'll be the first guy the Giants call to offer a job on their Practice Squad. Sash might also get a call if they need numbers at safety for week 1 if he's still available.


    Click on the link to the article below to understand the difference between being waived and being released: