Friday, December 13, 2013

Updated Cap numbers for all players counting against the Giants' salary cap as of Dec. 13, 2013

The NFLPA's League Cap Report website has the Giants listed as being $89,835 under the cap--dead last in the league now (the Rams actually renegotiated Chris Long's contract to give them enough room to survive the last 3 games with regard to regular season operational expenses; they were last in available cap space for a long time time before they ceded that distinction to the Giants).

This latest figure reflects the 4 roster moves that the Giants made 3 nights ago on, on Tuesday, December 10th, when they placed Brandon Jacobs on I.R., and subsequently made these 3 additional roster moves:

I mistakenly had slightly underestimated the Giants cap number as being $86,888--a difference of $2,647. I also mistakenly listed LB Marcus Dowtin's cap number as being $71,471 when it's actually $84,706. The proration of 3 weeks (3/17 = 0.176) wasn't incorrect, but his full yearly base salary rate was wrong.

Since Dowtin has 1 accrued year towards Free Agency instead of none, his proration rate for these last 3 remaining weeks should have been multiplied by $480,000 instead of $405,000; the former being the full yearly Paragraph 5 salary for players with 1 accrued season towards Free Agency, and the former being the league bare minimum for players with no accrued years towards free agency. See the chart below for reference for the full spectrum of base minimum rates:

Part of the cap equation is also Dead Money (money that counts against the salary for players who are either no longer on the roster, or who are still on the roster, but who have money left over from their previous contracts that still count against the cap). The Giants' Dead Money total thus far for 2013, as per, is $9,016,510 (at this point their 2014 Dead Money total is only $389,298).


The Giants currently have 72 contracts that count towards their team cap number now. They break down as follows:
  • the 53 players on the 53-man active roster
  • the 11 players on season ending Injured Reserve
  • and the players on the 8-man Practice Squad.

Here are the players on the 53-man roster:
  • First, here is a positional breakdown of players on the 53-man roster

Here are the 11 players on Injured Reserve:
  • Positional Breakdown:
    • OL - 3
    • RB - 3
    • FB - 1
    • CB - 1
    • S - 1
    • DT - 1
    • WR - 1

Note: I adjusted the cap number for Brandon Jacobs based on what has it listed as now ($480,530 instead of the figure of $496,412 that I had calculated previously, as per this recent previous post).

Finally, here are the players on the 8-man Practice Squad:
  • Positional Breakdown:
    • OL - 2
    • WR - 2
    • CB - 2
    • DE - 1
    • S - 1
Note: Newly signed players Kendrick Adams and Chaz Powell will each count $18,000 each against the cap (at the Practice Squad minimum rate of $6,000 per week for the 2013 season).