Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm on Twitter now too

Hooray! For those who are interested, you can now find me on twitter too. Here is link for that wonderfule place where I hang out in the fantastical twitterverse:


Feel free to reach me there if it so strikes you.

Giants sign rookie Guard Eric Herman, their first of two seventh round picks

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Giants signed one of their three remaining unsigned picks from last month's draft (see story HERE). Herman (the 19th pick of the seventh round, and 225th overall pick in the entire draft) was their first of two seventh round selections, with Michael Cox being the other.

The Giants only have two more picks left to sign: fourth round pick Ryan Nassib, and first round pick Justin Pugh--both out of Syracuse University. Fifth round pick Cooper Taylor, third round pick Damontre Moore, second round pick Johnathan Hankins, & their second seventh round pick Michael Cox all signed during rookie camp, about a week and a half ago. Herman's official cap number has not been reported yet, but it's estimated to be $419,462 (I wrote about this in my previous post). I would expect Nassib to be signed next.

Pugh's agent will likely wait to see how other first round picks deviate from any anticipated signing parameters (the few there are, with the issue of a partially guaranteed salary in the fourth year of the deal). I wrote about this on my post this past Saturday. Click here to read it:

Update on 1st round pick signings: Kyle Long, the 20th pick in the draft, signed with the Bears late last night


As soon as I find out what his official cap number is I'll post it here, and update the Giants' cap chart. Any way you cut it, Herman won't count towards the Giants' cap number since his anticipated cap number doesn't fall into the team's top 51 cap numbers.