Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here are cap numbers for all 88 players under contract on the Giants' 90-man roster

Due to a trip to the Emergency Room yesterday afternoon, and subsequent overnight stay in the Hospital, I was unable to be online until a couple of hours ago. I had intended to post this yesterday, so here goes, beginning with the top 51 players who do count against the salary cap as of this time (better late than never):


Players 52 through 88 are as follows:

Syracuse rookies Justin Pugh and Ryan Nassib are still unsigned, and are not listed above. Once they do sign though they will count on the Giants' cap as I described in this post two days ago. I'll get to some more nitty grittiness with respect to the cap soon in one of my next upcoming posts, focusing on the impact of Cap Adjustments on the Giants' cap, which I am just starting to get the hand of--something which I previously did not factor into my cap equations for the Giants.

Kudos to Jason Fitzgerald from for further enlightening me on the subject with his video titled "Caponomics 101". Prior year carryover money and league penalties were all that I was hip to. Now though I know a lot more, thanks to this great video. This section, in particular, was my favorite:
Caponomics 101 video (23:48 mark to 30:06 mark on Cap Adjustments)

...and knowing--as we all know--is half the battle!