Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Here's an interesting article about the next potential problem with rookie contracts

"Offsets likely to be next battleground in rookie contracts" by Mike Garafolo, USA TODAY Sports | 7:44 p.m. EDT May 2, 2013

I recommend people check this out since it could become an issue as soon as this off-season, particularly with the top picks.

•The issue at hand is "offset language". What this means is that if player X with offset language in his contract is cut in let's say the third year of his deal, and the team that released him owes him 2 million bucks, then whoever he signs with later will impact the money that his original team is supposed to pay him.

•If the team the signs him after he is cut/released pays him $1.5 million, for argument's sake, then his original club will only owe him half a million dollars--which is the difference--instead of the total of $2 million.
•A player WITHOUT offset language in his deal will not only get whatever his previous team owes him--if they owe him anything--, but IN ADDITION to that amount he will also get what his NEW team pays him as well.

•Mike Garafolo does a great job explaining it in the article.
•Please give it a read, and support a great journalist like Mike.

•Thanks all!

Impact of Giants' draft picks on the salary cap once they're signed

Only two players out of the 7 that the Giants drafted will count against the salary cap while the "Top 51" rules are in effect: 1st round pick Justin Pugh, and 2nd round pick Johnathan Hankins.

The reason that this is so is because they are the only two players from amongst this year's draft class who fit into the Giants' top 51 salary cap numbers on the roster (see my post from yesterday: http://optimus2g.blogspot.com/2013/05/giants-rookie-cap-numbers-for-2013.html)

Estimate courtesy of: http://overthecap.com/nfl-rookie-salary-cap.php

 Their cap numbers will displace the 50th and 51st ranked cap numbers currently on the rosters: Ryan Torain's and Jim Cordle's, who each make $555,000 (source for these salaries is courtesy of New York Giants 2013 Salary Cap - overthecap.com).

The sum of Torain's & Cordle's cap numbers is $1,110,000.
The sum of the Cap numbers for Pugh ($1,517,436) and Hankins ($765,545) is $2,282,981.

•You simply subtract $1,110,000 from $2,282,981 & you get $1,172,981.

•You subtract $1,172,981 from the Giants' official cap number of $3,927,958, and you get $2,754,977.

•This adjusted cap number of $2,754,977 takes into account the projected salary slotted cap numbers for Pugh and Hankins; while it is not official yet, it is a projection of what will happen in the next month or two as the draft picks sign on with their clubs.

•As a result of the new CBA ratified in 2011, draft picks are signing on sooner rather than later, like they used to--in some cases it was MUCH later (see Michael Crabtree).

2013 NFL minimum salaries

•Here is a table with NFL minimum salaries for 2013 (they're all going to go up another $15K in 2014, as per the terms agreed upon in the new CBA regarding minimum salaries):

I. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/07/25/minimum-salaries-shoot-up-under-new-deal/
II. http://www.steelersdepot.com/2011/07/2011-2014-nfl-minimum-base-salaries/

Contract news for draft picks 3 to 7

Check out this post by Patricia Traina (from http://insidefootball.com/) on BigBlueInteractive.com (a.k.a. "BBI" for short):

see link here: http://corner.bigblueinteractive.com/index.php?mode=2&thread=471554

Nice Job!
Just remember one thing as the year goes on -- usually draft picks 3-7 have splits in the first two years of their contracts. Same holds true for UDFAs. The splits will vary according to player, but it's designed to lower their cap number if they end up on IR.

Give her site a visit (http://insidefootball.com/) whenever you can to pick up valuable nuggets of Giants information.