Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'll post the cap numbers for all 88 players under contract by the Giants tomorrow.

Although the Giants' 90-man roster is complete at this time, the only 2 players on the roster whose cap numbers aren't listed are their 2 remaining unsigned draft picks out of Syracuse: first round pick (OT) Justin Pugh, & fourth round pick (QB) Ryan Nassib. For what it's worth, their paragraph 5 salaries---like those of all other rookies---is set as being $405,000.

The bonus money is what will factor into the equation in addition to their aforementioned paragraph 5 salaries. As per overthecap.com, Justin Pugh's cap number---the 19th overall pick in the draft---is expected to be $1,517,436. Ryan Nassib's cap number---the 110th overall pick in the draft---is expected to be $519,114.

Pugh's cap number will affect the Giants' overall team salary cap figure of $3,312,016 (the team's official cap number as of today), since it will fit into the Giants' Top 51 cap numbers, whereas Nassib's won't. Barring an act of God though, Nassib's cap number will count against the Giants' salary cap once the Top 51 cap rule has ceased at the start of the regular season since it is certain that he will be part of the Giants' future going forward in the next 4 years unless he's traded at some point after his 3rd year.

WR Keith Carlos's cap number is confirmed to be $405,000 as per NFLPA records

I was speculating on this yesterday. I was wondering if his time with the Eagles (a very brief brief stint in 2011) gave him an accrued year. If it did, then he would have received a salary of $480,000. Since it didn't, his ca; number and salary is $405,000. Like I said yesterday, it won't count towards the cap since he's not in the Giants' top 51 list of cap numbers.