Friday, July 26, 2013

Giants released Kicker David Buehler and signed Fullback Ryan D'Imperio to the roster today

This means that the Kicking job belongs to Josh Brown, the other kicker on the roster. Buehler's $630,000 cap number happened to fit into the Giants' Top 51 cap numbers, ranking him in a tie for 31st-33rd on the team's cap list, so this move gives the Giants a little more cap room on account of the player who replaced him costing less.

Fullback Ryan D'Imperio has one accrued season's worth of NFL experience according to what I read from the following two articles:
If I am correct D'Imperio's experience, then he'll be on the books now as having a $480,000 salary and cap number. I am almost certain that he did not receive a bonus since he's likely just camp fodder, and his practice squad eligibility looks used up. His $480,000 cap number does not fall into the Giants' top 51 cap numbers. I'll wait for a confirmation later today or early next week on this, but I'm pretty sure that this is the correct number for D'Imperio.

According to my estimation, as a result of salary cap displacement, the Giants have gained another $74,000 in cap room as a result of this move. I got this figure by subtracting the resultant 51st ranked cap number in this instance of $556,000 (belonging to Spencer Paysinger) from Buehler's cap number of $630,000.

This additional $74,000 probably won't be reflected on the NFLPA's records and Top 51 League Cap Report website until Monday or Tuesday of next week since we're on the eve of the weekend (the same applies to the Pugh & Nassib contracts from yesterday). If something changes later today however, then I'll note it here of course.

Pending any other moves between today and early next week, I'd estimate the Giants to officially be $2,770,246 under the cap by Monday, July 29th or Tuesday, July 30th.