Tuesday, August 27, 2013

These 20 players now on the Giants' 75-man roster are Practice Squad eligible

Here is the list:

This was discussed over on BigBlueInteractive.com yesterday and the day before on a pair of threads that I started under my handle of "Optimus-NY" there. Check out the thread below for details of the discussion, and some excellent points made by posters there like "Big Blue Blogger" and "nygirlie":

Here's the Practice Squad Eligibility link:
Practice Squad Rules: Who’s Eligible? - by Brian McFarland | Posted on August 31, 2012

Here is the link to the CBA:
Go to Article 33, Section 4 covering Practice Squad Eligibility

Here is what Practice Squad players earn per year AT MINIMUM, as per the CBA:

The minimum salary for Practice Squad players in the NFL in 2013 is going to be $6,000 (there is no maximum). Last year and the year before it was $5,700. DE Markus White of the Bucs was the highest-paid player on any practice squad last season. He earned 3 times more than the 2012 minimum Practice Squad salary---$17,647 per week to be exact. Over the course of 17 weeks (players get paid during the bye week too), he earned $299,999.

As far as team Practice Squads rates are concerned, the Patriots had the highest paid Practice Squad in the league last year. Practice Squads count against the cap on Thursday, September 5th at 12 midnight, when the Top 51 accounting rules cease, and the regular season cap accounting rules begin. This is about 8 and a half days from now. Practice Squads, at minimum, will count $816,000 per team this year (8 players x at least $6,000 x 17 weeks).

Read this article on the subject below:

New England Patriots have top-paid NFL practice squad - By Brian McIntyre Around the League writer Published: Sept. 7, 2012 at 12:18 a.m.