Monday, May 27, 2013

Check out this interesting tidbit about Cruz's possible new deal

There's a thread on up now (started by me yesterday actually) about the Salary Cap. Patricia Traina brought up this interesting tidbit of information regarding the potential 2013 cap number for Victor Cruz's rumored new contract--the one that is supposedly on the "two yard line", according to various media reports from last week:

Optimus: one other thing
The Giants have the room right now for Cruz and a multiyear deal. If he signs it, his first year cap hit will supposedly, at least from the info I have, be lower than his current one-year tender.

This is significant news because, if true, Cruz's new deal would actually help the Giants cap-wise---at least for this year anyway. Any projections I made were based mainly on the premise that Cruz's new deal would cost the Giants approximately another $3.6 million (with his 2013 cap number being around 6.5 million). This number was a complete guess on my part. I'd rather overestimate a cap situation than underestimate one. It helps me have more fun trying to figure out how to deal with how to lower that overall number.

Under this scenario, the Giants wouldn't really have to do much of anything with respect to their overall team cap situation. Cruz's current cap number for 2013 under his Restricted Free Agency (RFA) tender is $2,879,000. Even though he hasn't signed it yet, it still counts as such. If his new cap number for 2013 in this new deal is less than that figure, then that would go a long way towards remedying any potential cap problems the Giants would face if that were not the case.

I'll post my projected 53-man roster tomorrow tomorrow. I've already done the work, and I struggled at the 54 man mark, but eventually got it down to 53 from 54. The whole 3rd Quarterback on the roster thing instead of two threw me off (Eli, Carr, and Nassib instead of just Eli and Car or Eli and Nassib). In any case, the numbers do work out favorably for the Giants, assuming that they don't make more another move or two in free agency that isn't of the Minimum Salary Benefit (MSB) variety.