Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Giants salary cap update after John Conner signing

The Giants were $578,889 under the salary cap at the start of the day according to the NFLPA's League Cap Report website. The signing of Fullback John Conner (read Ralph Vacchiano's article about it HERE), who has 3 accrued seasons as per Jason Fitzgerald's tweet to me in response my question regarding Conner's accrued year total (click HERE to see). Conner's cap number---which also equals his salary---is going to be $518,823. Subtracting the latter figure from the former results in a new cap number of $60,066 for the Giants. They're already ranked last in the league in this number according to the NFLPA's Cap website linked above, and next to last on Jason Fitzgerald's Estimated Salary Cap Room page from (click HERE to see it).

Next week with a roster exemption, most likely by Tuesday, October 1st, as Patricia Traina pointed out to me, the Giants will need to make a move that will make room for Will Hill's re-addition to the 53-man roster. Hill's cap number will be $367,059 when he returns. It was originally going to be $480,000 until Hill got suspended for 4 games to open the season. That reduced his cap number and salary to $367,059 (it gave the Giants a $112,941 cap credit).

Pending an injury, my guess is that they'd most likely waive CB Trumaine McBride to make room for Hill back on the 53-man roster, but that will depend on injuries after this week's games (Terrell Thomas is already on the injury report). Whoever they do let go of, they'll be able to gain about $100,000 to $150,000 in additional cap room. Snee & Weatherford can still chip in and help the team with more cap space if need be.

To be exact, Snee & Weatherford can give the Giants up to $1,743,750 in added cap space should they require more. Snee can give them up to $1,680,000 more in extra cap space & Weatherford can give them up to as much as an extra $63,750. I wrote about it on September 5th. Click HERE to read it. I don't think the Giants will need this room, but if another player is forced to go on IR in the next month, then they'll have to dip back into the Snee and Weatherford cap space pool. Injuries aside, the Giants can expect two increases in cap space:

  1. The first will be in 6 days when they will most likely make a roster move, waiving a player to bring back Will Hill to the 53-man roster, which in turn will lead to an extra $100,000 to $150,000 in added cap space. If they IR someone instead of cutting someone, then they'll need to make more room under the cap with Snee and Weatherford pitching in to help them again..
  2. The second will be after week 8 when Andre Brown will be eligible to return to the team's 53-man roster from temporary Injured Reserve. Pending an injury, this will most likely result in a $200,000 to $300,000 cap increase since the Giants would also then need to make a roster move in order to make room for Andre Brown to rejoin the 53-man roster. They'll most likely waive a player to do that though in my opinion, most likely a RB (Da'Rel Scott would be the most logical candidate). This would then result in the $200,000 to $300,000 cap increase mentioned above.