Saturday, July 20, 2013

Giants Cap update

  • As of today, the Giants are officially $3,657,682 under the salary cap, ranking them 26th in the league in overall cap space.

  • This information is as per the NFLPA link: Top 51 League Cap Report
  • Only six teams have less cap space than the Giants now: the Bears, Texans, Chiefs, Chargers, Rams, & Redskins.
  • This figure will change next week when unsigned draft picks Justin Pugh & Ryan Nassib are expected to sign, decreasing by about a million bucks. I'll post more details about that tomorrow.
  • Good night everyone.

Will Hill suspended for the first 4 games of 2013 due to substance abuse

Last year Hill was suspended for using PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). I just asked Jason Fitzgerald from how this would potentially impact the Giants' 2013 cap. Here's what he said on twitter:

Hill's salary and cap number for 2013 is $480,000 with no dead money. Here it is below:

Hill makes $480,000 this year (his cap number salary). He earns approximately $28,235 per week (this number multiplied by 17 weeks, which includes the bye week results in $480,000). The Giants would recoup approximately $112,941 in cap space as a result of this suspension if Hill makes the team in 2013.

Another player's salary though will count against the cap for the full season if he has more than 4 years worth of accrued experience, and is on the 53-man roster in place of Hill on opening day, costing the Giants some more money against the cap as a result of Hill's suspension.

I should note that if a player is on the opening day roster, then his salary is guaranteed for salary cap purposes for the season. This is the reason why when teams want to sign a veteran at the end of the preseason, they sometimes wait until after week 1 of the regular season has concluded to sign that given player. This is because that player's contract is not guaranteed for the year after the first week of the regular season, and he only counts against the salary cap on a week-by-week basis, instead of for the entirety of the season, even if he is cut or winds up on IR  at some point later on that season. I wonder if the Giants will go with only 52 players for week 1 for this reason if Hill makes the team?

Here are two links to articles on the Hill suspension: